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Sunday, October 26, 2003
Another wonderful weekend...

... here I sit, waiting while hubby wanders off and picks up our oldest who was at her first away from home sleepover last night. Her sister cried buckets because she was going to miss her so much.

I didn't shed a tear. Bad mommy? Maybe.

I enjoyed spending the time not having to mediate between the youngest and the oldest. And having cuddle time with the youngest where her sister wasn't trying to distract us. Bedtime was a chore though - the little one didn't want to go to sleep by herself. So I let her fall asleep in my bed while I took a shower, and then moved her to her own bed, after taking a couple of quick pictures of her with her arms wrapped around 3 large stuffed toys for protection.

I never realized how much she depends on her older sister until this. And she was very absent (probably ran off somewhere to cry) when her sister left, and we still had the stitching get together in full swing at my place. Which, by the way, went wonderfully (in my opinion) despite the fact that it was hotter 'n blazes outside and I have no air conditioning to speak of, other than a small window unit.

There were plenty of sodas, water, and talking going around, and I think keeping the windows open all the night before helped get things cool enough to start.

But I digress. I wonder what my oldest child (who is so much like me it's scary) has been up to since 4pm yesterday.

Will I see any changes in her? Silly, I know. She's been gone less than 24 hours.

But those are hours that I wasn't away on a company trip somewhere, or a night out with hubby. These were hours at someone else's house having a sleepover. And while I may not know everything that went on, her little sister will get all the details, and probably share them in a cuddle with me later...

... while her sister tries to distract us any way she can.