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Friday, October 31, 2003

... as some have probably noticed, I've been rearranging the "furniture" here and getting things to look a little more pretty. More changes will be coming. Hopefully not too many radical ones. But nice functional ones.

Today's a good day to talk about change, as it's Halloween. I walked around the office today to see how people are dressed up, and there's very few people gussied up for the occasion. Kinda sad. You'd think there would be more people dressed up - there were tons in years past.

Ah well, things change. A friend of mine recently changed her name. She got married. :) She's happy to have her new SSN card too, so that she can be official at work. And two other people I know are going to be changing thier names by virtue of marriage. And someone else I know will be changing it due to dissolution of a marriage, but it seems that she really wasn't all that committed to it - barely 6 years married and she started having serial affairs about 2 1/2 years ago. Needless to state - I don't like her very much anymore... I was more friends with her hubby than her anyway. But I feel bad for thier kids.

Ah, but things change. Like software. Software changes constantly. As I write this, I'm waiting for someone to come run an install script for Lotus Notes. The company is moving from Exchange/Outlook to Domino/Lotus. And thus, I have to learn a whole new way to manage email. But I also get another hat to wear - I'll be working towards becoming a Lotus developer too. And while the prospect of working with new software (and learning something new) is very exciting to me, part of me wants to listen to the folks who are telling me to run in the other direction and resist. I must say, it will be interesting to be able to create more workflow and shared database applications. I get a kick out of that (yes, I am *such* the geek), but part of me wants to stay safely with Outlook. Because I know it well. Because it's familiar.

Ah, but things must change sometimes, else you're obsolete (ask anyone in the computer hardware industry). I once heard that you must change to remain the same. I suppose that's true, in a way. Someone who is a trendsetter and is known as being one must constantly change to retain that reputation. Same goes for someone who is always into conquering new software. And then there's the statement that the only constant thing in life is change. That's most definitely true - I learned that as I watch my girls grow up from chubby babies running around in those little cute Osh Kosh denim overalls and sturdy shoes, to thinner little people running around with sandals and jeans. Or sweats, since B hates jeans - which makes me think she isn't my kid... the jeans gene must have skipped a generation or something.

Or maybe it's just not her thing for the time being. But she'll be back in jeans eventually, I'm sure...

...after all, things change.