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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Sometimes You Just Get Lucky...
...or maybe it's fate laughing at someone else.

Once upon a time DH scoffed at me slightly when I'd joined a local radio station website. He said I would get spammed. Well, I didn't get spammed - I actually won a trip to Seattle when The Jimi Hendrix Experience opened.

Then there was the time that he scoffed and said "no one wins those contests" when I signed up at same said radio station's booth at a Chicago concert. I got a phone call 3 weeks later saying I'd won tickets to see Sting and Annie Lennox.

DH stopped scoffing. I even saw him sign up a time or two at various things. But I could still hear that voice in my head. Fast forward a year or so.

MIL and FIL offered our little segment of the family 6 tickets for a local "A" baseball team that's directly aligned with a favorite major league team. We accepted the offer and happily went off to watch some good baseball. To what do my eyes appear but a booth for my favorite radio station.

Now, I was more interested in the fact that they had revived a favorite keychain style and stopped by to grab one. While A and I were there, I decided to enter the contest, figuring that nothing will come of it because I'd been rather lucky in the past with them. And I don't pay attention to what the prize is that's posted on the box...

Well, we eat dinner, find some seats (general admission tickets) and settle down to watch some ball. Halfway through the first inning the announcer says my name. I stop and think - how did they get my name? What's going on here? Then they tell me to make my way down to the local radio station's booth because I've won a prize pack.

Yay me. A and I head down to the booth, they take our picture and we get our prize. The little baggie contains a free pass to see an advance screening of "Don't Mess With the Zohan" (eh, maybe DH and I will go see it, maybe not). It contains a T-shirt with the radio station logo (yay! more gym gear). It has a keychain and window stickies. And a Robert Plant CD from 2006. Cool. I love getting promo CDs.

But then we saw them. The tickets. Four of them. For a Sunday afternoon. THAT is what I got jazzed about. Four tickets to see an all day concert with the local radio station's DJ's band. You see, he used to be pretty popular in the 80s. Some guy named Greg Kihn.

Yes, THAT Greg Kihn. 'Breakup Song' and 'Jeopardy' Greg Kihn. And Starship (with Mickey Thomas, because he can't let you forget that). And Night Ranger. Yes, Night Ranger... with Jack Blades back at the mic.

Color me excited. I think this might be better than Sting and Annie Lennox. No, wait, that's just crazy talking. But I've always wanted to see Night Ranger and Greg Kihn on top of that makes it even better. When I got back to our seats, DH oohed and I was bouncy happy and he made a little noise about maybe he'll win next because he put his name in too.

And they didn't call it. That's because, I reminded him, he scoffed at the radio station contest gods once and they won't reward him....

...except through me. Yay me!