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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
The Best of Both Worlds...
...I know people in my generation are going to think - hey, she's going to talk about Van Halen.

Nope, sorry. I'm going to talk about Miley Cyrus. As DH commented "What's a Miley Cyrus?" I replied - it's Hannah Montana. He was still a little mystified. That's probably because Hannah has not invaded our living room. Our girls don't like her and I wonder why because she's as tame as Lizzie McGuire and nowhere near as annoying as Britney was at her peak.

Little Miley Cyrus, where do I begin? Live and learn, I suppose. You were photographed by one of the most famous and renowned photographers. An absolute honor to be captured on film by this seriously talented woman. And the photos themselves aren't really that bad.

But your family is up in arms even though your handlers were there and Disney is saying that it's awful that Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz used you to sell magazines. And that it is a horrid, horrid thing that they have done.

Well, considering Disney is using you to sell movies, CDs and get the ratings up on the Disney channel I guess you're well accustomed to being used. But I'm surprised that they're throwing Leibovitz under the bus considering she's been creating all the beautiful re-creations of the famous Disney tales for the Year of A Million Dreams. Julienne Moore as the Little Mermaid, David Beckham as the prince from Sleeping Beauty, a half dozen others that are simply gorgeous. But this isn't about Disney, this is about Miley.

Miley who was photographed wrapped in a bed sheet as if she were naked underneath (she wasn't) and Miley who was draped over her father in a pose that I saw as more disturbing than the bedsheet one. I think the bedsheet photo is great. The father daughter portrait with them both in black and her draped with her midriff showing looks like the kind of photo that couples do together.

But Miley's handlers didn't protect her as well as they should have even if the photos were tasteful, and Miley herself had some amateur photos show up of her in a bra and draped over a male friend. You'd think that Disney would have their wholesome girls under lockdown after Vanessa Hudgens showing up in nude photos on the 'net last year.

This is a hard lesson for Miley, who is 15, to learn. Nothing you do is private, especially when you're as high flying as you can get with your image right now. There is no private life, there is no laying low. Especially this month...

...with Vanity Fair on *all* the newsstands.