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Friday, April 25, 2008
It's Electric... know how some people have electric personalities? Or they just sizzle and pop when mixed with another individual - that "electric chemistry" sort of thing?

DH and I have it. Literally.

Now, there are friends of ours who would envy our relationship because we fit so well together. We do have that sparky little chemistry together, according to the woman who served as our maid of honor. But this goes beyond that.

We've noticed in the last couple of days that we get static shocks when we kiss. You know the kind - rub your feet along the floor in the right conditions and get a big ole blue zap from the next doorknob you touch, right? Best way to annoy the dog when you're a kid or to seek revenge on a sibling while they're sleeping. We've even done static chases in our house during the winter with the kids.

But this goes beyond that. DH came over while I was watching television and kissed me goodnight the other night. I immediately came back with an ow before he fully connected because my upper lip got shocked. Right in the middle - that little sensitive middle park of the upper lip. We figured it for a fluke.

Then the other day we went to smooch and our noses connected first. BIG fat shock. Ow. I was rubbing my nose for a good half hour afterwards. That's when DH realized - we're going to have to ground ourselves before we kiss. And he's serious about it. Last night I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek and he grabbed my hand.

Yes, I guess this opens up the door to hold hands more often, which is great by me but who knew that we'd get to a stage where we were even too electric for ourselves. No, don't even start comments about us being stale and static...

...things only get better with age, remember?