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Thursday, April 03, 2008
There She Goes Again...
...rattling her mouth off about anything and everything and who really cares, right?

Some of you are scratching your heads, I'm sure. Am I talking about Hillary Clinton, or Britney Spears, or Oprah Winfrey? No, I'm talking about me. Because I've gone and done it.


And what is it I've done, you might ask? Well, I'll be happy to tell you before you start making wild guesses.

This is Blog Entry #1000. That's right readers, 4 1/2 years worth of blogging finally brought me to this moment where I can finally hang it up and stop blogging.

No no. Kidding. I was hoping that I'd get to post this on April Fool's Day, but other things got in the way. And other ideas. And a couple of days where I didn't post a blog. I'm not hanging it up. Remember when I started? I didn't think this was going to take off like this, where I'd write daily. This was supposed to be part of my life and part of my stitching. It turned into a platform where I make social commentary, little about my life and almost nothing anymore about my stitching.

Just goes to show that sometimes these things take on a life of their own.

I entertained the idea once about my blog turning into a book but I know I was kidding myself on that one from the get-go. I am not an accomplished enough writer for that, I use too many commas and ellipses, I start sentences with conjunctions (which is bad bad bad) and I do not publish my name or email address so that publishers can knock down my door and ask me to sign contracts. I'm not nearly as entertaining as Heather Armstrong ( after all.

When I started this blog I was working for a different company and dealing with the pain of a former supervisor still trying to exert authority over me because I became his equal. I outlasted him and his replacement and, sadly, most of the other members of the team.

The stitching boards went through an upheaval and we survived to build new communities online. We lost members of our community due to illness or unexpected death. I've talked about in-crowds, identities and idiots. I've discussed movies and moving on. And we cannot forget that I take on the fast food gods every once in a while. I think I'm storing up some bad fried karma there.

I've written responses to spammers, talked non-stop about Chicago after they released "XXX" (30) and taken on politics and religion (but not at the same time) even though I promised not to. And now we're here in an election cycle again and who knows what's going to cross my mind and come out my fingers.

Either way, I hope it's something enjoyable for me to write and for you to read. I thank you all for your comments and support over the last 4 1/2 years - wow, I can hardly believe that it's been 4 1/2 years but then I go read posts from the very beginning and realize that it has been a long long time. Keep up the great commenting because I look forward to seeing them, and I'll try and keep up the good blogging...

...and now we're marching onward to the 5 year anniversary.