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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Random Rambles...'s time for those little bits o' fluff that go floating through my mind...(My apologies for those who came earlier and didn't find this although the feeds all said new - I put the wrong *year* on the post date... ugh)

February is gone gone gone. I've had the blues, so have had others, but no online blowups. I'm thrilled. I feel safe talking about it now.

Of course, March hasn't been a walk in the park either between pressure for a plan that I'm working on (that hopefully will be onto the next (less-stressful for me) phrase today) and getting some sort of tummy bug.

Since when is it OK for a telemarketer to get mad at me when I start asking questions about who they are and what they're all about when they have called my cell phone?

And how the heck did they get my number in the first place?

On the back of a transit bus an ad was plastered stating "Stop Human Trafficking"

Ironic, no?

Michael Jackson's ranch, Neverland, was facing foreclosure unless MJ comes up with about $25 million to save it. It's already had the zoo animals taken away, and was shuttered because the Gloved One didn't pay his employees for awhile.

I'm really not sure what I can say to that other than I'm glad he left the country. Hopefully all of this won't bring him back.

Ye gods, the media is strange. First all the press is criticizing Eliot Spitzer for being a hypocrite and putting his wife through the public appearances. Now it's all on *one* of the call girls he "dated". People have aired her record single, her MySpace page was hit 5 million times that day, and the guys at 'Girls Gone Wild' wanted her for a non-nude (suuurrrreeeee) photo spread in their new magazine and were willing to pay her $1 million for it.

Good thing someone thought to check the archives. She already was on the 'Girls Gone Wild' tour bus when she was 18.

A & B almost made straight A's this trimester. A ended up with a B in social studies and B got a B in Math (she's a little bummed out by that because she loves math and worked really hard this trimester).

I still think that they did awesomely great.