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Monday, March 17, 2008
Ah, Happy Saint Patrick's Day... all of you who recognize the day and are planning corned beef and cabbage dinners later on.

I think we forgot to pull the brisket out last night and some sort of fish is going to grace our table instead. I know... with me 1/4 Irish and my daughters whatever percentage they are as a result of it coming down from me (DH doesn't have any Irish in the genealogy if I recall correctly) and we're not having it tonight.

Ah, but there are other things that are noteworthy for the day I'm sure. For once, I'm not wearing any green. And no one in my office had better even think about attempting to pinch me. I'll just watch them all be silly around each other for the day, if they even remember. Oh right, they'll remember - it's an excuse to go drinking. Maybe that will mean the gym will be clear for me tonight.

One can hope.

Guinness, the purveyor of that lovely dark beer (the chewy one, as DH referred to it recently as I sank down a pint) actually started a proposition to get 1 million signatures before midnight last night. The purpose? To give to Congress a proposition to declare Saint Patrick's Day a national holiday.

Seriously. They did.They had a website and everything. But they only received 268,388 signatures. I think they were a victim of not promoting themselves well enough. I only heard about the petition because a blogger that I read toured the Guinness plant recently and happened to mention it in his rundown. And I don't read his entries half the time anymore, so it was even more surprising that I found it.

Yes, I missed any and all other national press for the movement that appeared for this one because I don't read Newsweek and US News and World Report any longer. Well, maybe sometimes randomly in the gym but even then I'll get swayed by either a good book I have or a good gossip mag headline.

But I digress. Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone, whether you observe it or not. Enjoy a wearin' of the green (or Saint Patrick's Blue if you have it, which is the appropriate shade) and lift a pint or have some corned beef...

....hmmm, corned beef sandwich for lunch sounds mighty good right now.