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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Victoria Has More Secrets... they claim over at Victoria's Secret. Apparently the CEO of the brand has decided that it was time to make a statement.

As if they hadn't already made enough statements with the changes in the lingerie company product line. This time it's a statement that makes you nod and scratch your head in confusion at the same time.

They think that they've become too sexy. Excuse me? Now, I can imagine that there are a lot of men out there who are asking "is that even possible?" and some women who agree with that question. And others who are probably agreeing with the idea that Victoria doesn't have secrets anymore based on what they've put out there for us to see.

Now, I used to love Victoria's Secret. I'd get the catalog or head to the store and I'd be happy with a nice well made cotton sleepshirt, a couple of nice bras (the 'Emma' style was my favorite for the longest time) or some cute flannel jammies. A favorite pair of those flannel jammies sort of bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. A was tugging on a sleeve and I felt something give. I told her to stop, but she kept pulling, and there's a rip on the back of the shirt (and no, it wouldn't be easy to patch). So I've lost a pair of jammies. But I digress...

The Very Sexy Bra, The Fantasy Bra, the commercials and ultra hot fantasy fashion shows - these have been going on for years and now they're claiming that they're too sexy? Well, I guess you have to go back to the origins of the company. It was founded by a man who was trying to take the embarrassment out of shopping for lingerie for his wife and 'Victoria' was imagined to be a proper manor-born woman. And proper manor-born women didn't have all their assets hanging out for the world to see.

Does that mean that the VS brand is going to go high-necked and all covered up? Doubtful. But it does mean that they've decided to grow up a little more. Instead of pursuing the hot young things (college and 20-something crowd) that they've had recent success with, they're going to try and woo older women. More age-appropriate women. Women who are willing to spend a little more money - which is what the chain needs right now since the profits have been slipping lately.

Apparently, they state, they have forgotten what 'ultra-feminine' really means. Lately, for them, ultra-feminine has been very revealing. And that's what the general media has led us to believe as well - revealing, girly, pink and happy bouncy hair. But it's nice to hear that the VS brand is going to take a step back and court the older clientèle again. That we in our 30s and older are actually worth pursuing in the lingerie and sleepwear game... maybe I've got a shot at replacing those jammies.