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Friday, February 22, 2008
Little Bits o'Things...
...It's Friday and I don't want to have to think too hard about anything, so I'll just discuss some little things that have popped up here and there...

Reading: I actually managed to put down "A Curse Dark as Gold" written by a friend in the stitching community. I had some other things holding at the library that I wanted to buzz through and return since the library system only has a couple of copies of each of them systemwide. And two were one week checkouts. So I've been reading some chicklit books by an author named Kristen Billerbeck. The first book I picked up sounded interesting (especially when I realize that they're set in Valley and the SF Bay Area where I live) so I checked out the other two that were there.

Then, after getting them home, I realize that this author isn't just chick lit - she's Christian Chick Lit. Oh boy. It's really interesting when you have strong female characters set in modern times in San Francisco... and they have morals and ethics. It's actually refreshing.

Physical stuff: Well, no adverse effects have been noticed from the fender bender I had last week. Most of the soreness that I did feel was from the muscle strain and I'm still stretching that out a little bit. Otherwise, it's good. B had a slight cold last weekend, and I'm hoping we don't catch it. I've got an upset stomach this morning, but otherwise it's all good.

Emotional: Roller coaster. Hormonal a little, and now that my reporting structure has changed (I, too, now report to the new VP of Marketing and neither of us understands why this is so because we're essentially experienced equals for the most part) there is a little... I'm not sure what it is. I was rather moody and sad yesterday mostly from the shock of it being sprung on me like it was, and she didn't know about me reporting to her either. Or that I hadn't been forewarned of it either. I'll get past it. It's just that layer of management that all start ups put in when they go seeking additional rounds of funding to show that they're stable.

Stitching: I've been sadly neglecting my stitching. I've got some of the backstitch instructions for the model I've been working on and I've touched it *once*. Mostly because of the muscle spasm which happened right after I finished something that I've had as a WIP for, oh, 6 years probably.

Want to see it? I thought you would... I'm not going to post the pictures in the entry simply because of their size. So... here are the links:
Floral Bellpull First 3 squares
Floral Bellpull Last 3 squares
Floral Bellpull Entire piece

Yes, I'm pretty proud of it.

That's about it from here... I'm going to get cracking on work and get this day over with as soon as I can so I can enjoy the rainy weekend we're probably going to have.