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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Dear Idiot...
...yes, I mean *you*. Do you really think you're that above it all? That your poo has the aroma of a field of flowers?

Come on, the rest of us know better. But apparently you think that nothing will ever touch you no matter what you do, right?

Because any untruths that you put out there end up circulating as rumors - and I guess you think because you're you that those rumors and untruths (yes, *lies*) won't make it back to the person that they're about? Right. Try land speed record on how fast they made it around, and very few people believe those lies.

Because you think that you're "technically" a founder or partner or higher up in the company that you can't be fired. Hey, last time I checked this is a "at will" state and you can be let go for any reason unless you have a contract that says otherwise. And no, I don't think that you do. So yes, they *can* let you go. More likely they'll put you on a "special project" (which your head will get inflated with self-importance on because you're you) and you'll just fade away into the woodwork.

Because you think you're the only car on the freeway, so sitting on my back bumper, honking and then swerving in front of me to cross 3 lanes at 50mph right after merging onto an expressway is normal for you. And those two girls running across the expressway (at a crosswalk) while against the light but still relatively clear would have just been a speedbump for you had you hit them. Good thing they saw you and stopped before you roared by.

Because you think you have license to yell at me for not receiving an automated email when *you* left off the .com in your email address? Excuse me, but it's not my fault that you entered in your email address *TWICE* and left off the domain extension. And no, we don't automatically fill those in because we deal with .com, .net, .edu and many many others.

There are idiots all around us and they think nothing will ever go wrong for them. But it's not true, and these people are sometimes toxic and usually point fingers elsewhere for blame. These statements above weren't directed at just one person, but many... don't be an idiot or you may read about yourself here.