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Friday, February 08, 2008
Random Messy Star Stuff...
...It's Friday and I need some fluff because if I start talking about work here, your screens will explode with my frustration and anger. Thank goodness I have found parking spots at the gym this week because otherwise I would have killed someone by now.

So, let's start with the absolute tragedy - Heath Ledger's autopsy results. I could just cry. He had too many medications in his system, but none of them to excess so it's being blamed on a drug interaction - there should be more messaging on the dangers of combining drugs without explicit consent/approval by one's doctor who will review *all* drugs you're taking. It's so... what a waste. Hearts are broken around the world among his family and friends and all because one thing he took didn't play well with something else he took. The world lost a great talent.

My daughters are even upset - not so much that the guy they knew as Patrick Verona in '10 Things I Hate About You' is gone, but that he had a daughter who is going to grow up without her daddy.

We haven't done the Blond Triumverate Watch lately...
Paris Hilton: relatively quiet and out of the headlines (and out of jail)
Lindsay Lohan: relatively quiet, granting quiet interviews and out of the headlines (and out of rehab)
Britney Spears: relatively... crazy?

Brit's been in the hospital, out of the hospital, lost her kids, cried on a sidewalk with her doggy, didn't sleep, back in the hospital, lost control over all decision making aspects of her life, got out of the hospital and now her parents are accusing her "self-styled manager" (as the press has been calling him) of drugging her and that her life is at risk.

She's a total mess. I'm seriously putting a death pool on that woman - she'll be gone by 27 and she won't be missed by very many. Oh sure, it will be a tragedy and will highlight the dangers of untreated mental illness (because it will all come out as to what *exactly* she was dealing with) but in a couple of years no one will remember her unless they were a die hard fan. And by then another Britney will have been manufactured (or her little sister will name her baby after Britney so that Britney Spears will always roam the planet).

Speaking of total messes, let's turn our attention to Amy Winehouse. One begins to wonder if she's doing all of this to get the spotlight turned on her.

Winehouse, for those not immediately familiar with her name, is the soul singing Brit who brought us the song 'Rehab', has that funky eye makeup (the Egyptian style eyes) and tall hairdo, and has recently entered rehab for her addictions - Thank Goodness. She's truly talented, and I'd hate to see her go off the earth. But she's been in twice before and left before treatment was completed. Here's hoping that the third time is the charm.

Anyway, she's been nominated for a mess of Grammy's and wanted to attend the hooplah. U.S. officials have denied her visa and no reason has been ferreted out by the press. I suspect her latest party film with her smoking crack might have had something to do with that denial (and an arrest in Norway for possession of marijuana), but that's just a theory. What's sad is that she's the most heavily nominated artist for the Grammy's this year and while she will perform via satellite apparently, won't it be a little embarrassing if she wins a lot of awards and isn't there?

Personally, I hope she wins *and* kicks the habits she has. I'd like to see her star shine (even if she does have a strange image with the hair, makeup and clothes) for some time to come.

Ah, there are so many other things going on in Hollyweird, but I think I'll just leave you with a good one for the weekend. In a final farewell to Shea Stadium, Billy Joel will rock the house just one last time. I think that it's a fitting farewell to have a local boy done good closing down the house.

Have a great weekend!