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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Food Meme!
...shamelessly stolen from Erin and Suz...

01. CHEESE or CHOCOLATE? Chocolate, but it's got to be good European chocolate. But I could be swayed by a good Jarlsberg wedge or some extra sharp cheddar.

02. BLUEBERRIES or STRAWBERRIES? Strawberries. With cream and dipping chocolate, thank you.

03. COFFEE or TEA? Totally a tea drinker. Love my daily tea.

04. CORN MUFFIN or ENGLISH MUFFIN? We're talking cornbread muffins here, right? Totally corn.

05. PANCAKES or FRENCH TOAST? French Toast. I like both, but I prefer French Toast.

06. YOGURT or CREAM CHEESE? Cream cheese.

07. RICE or PASTA? That's hard. I like both. I think Pasta wins though unless the rice is mixed in with something, or is fried rice.

08. CAKE or PIE? Pie, if it's a good cherry or apple pie.

09. GROUND BEEF or GROUND TURKEY? Ground beef unless we're talking stuffing, in which case I use ground turkey.

10. HOT DOGS or HAMBURGERS? Burgers unless those hot dogs are all beef and been charred on the outside.

11. JELLY or MARMALADE? Jelly, but I prefer jam or 100% fruit spread.

12. AMERICAN CHEESE or SWISS CHEESE? Jarlsberg (that's Swiss, people).

13. DIET SODA or NO SODA? I used to say that I'd rather drink no soda than drink diet soda. But if you hand me a Diet Coke I won't say no.

14. LEMONADE or ICED TEA? Depends on my mood. I prefer Lemonade most of the time.

15. CHERRIES or GRAPES? Depends on the yield of the season - if the cherries are bitter, then I'll go for the grapes. If the grapes are flavorless then I'll go for the cherries. Sometimes both. I've never encountered a season where *both* are bad.

16. CHOCOLATE QUIK or STRAWBERRY QUIK? Neither. Milk gets heated and flavored with Green and Black's Hot Chocolate, or Cadbury's or melted down Valrhona chocolate. Cold milk gets Hershey Syrup, but honestly I prefer saving that syrup for ice cream.

17. WAFFLES or PANCAKES? Waffles.

18. WHITE BREAD or WHOLE-GRAIN/WHEAT BREAD? I love whole wheat bread.

19. PEAS or CARROTS? I like both. Especially if the peas are fresh and petite.


21. COLD CEREAL or HOT CEREAL? Cold. I used to be a hot cereal (cream of wheat) girl, but not anymore.

22. KETCHUP or MUSTARD? On a burger? Mustard if I have to choose. BBQ sauce if I can vary from the norm.

23. MUSTARD or MAYONNAISE? Mustard. I hate Mayo.

24. MAYONNAISE or KETCHUP? Ketchup. Again, I hate Mayo.

25. BLACK OLIVES or GREEN OLIVES? Green, Spanish, stuffed with pimento

26. ONION or GARLIC? Oh, ask me to pick a favorite child, why don't you.


28. SCRAMBLED EGGS or FRIED EGGS? Scrambled, I guess. I don't like eggs that much.

29. EGGS or EGG REPLACEMENTS? Eggs if I'm baking. Eggs replacements just seem gross.

30. MEAT or VEGETABLES? Grrr. Me Carnivore. Meat.

31. CHINESE TAKE-OUT or PIZZA? Chinese. Totally. I really have to be in the mood for pizza.

32. SUSHI or DELI SANDWICH? Depends on the deli. I'd probably choose sushi more often than not.

33. WHITE CLAM CHOWDER or RED CLAM CHOWDER? I don't do shellfish or mussels, so neither.


35. PIE & ICE CREAM or CAKE & ICE CREAM? Leave my desserts alone. Pie with whipped cream, cake by itself, ice cream in a cone or with fudge and caramel, thank you.

36. WHIPPED CREAM or CAKE FROSTING? Whipped cream.

37. HONEY or MAPLE SYRUP? Oh, depends on the application. Honey for tea and peanut butter sandwiches. Maple Syrup for pancakes and waffles.