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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
...Love was such an easy game to play... *stops singing*

So, let's talk about Mr McCartney and the wench. Oh right, so sorry, Sir McCartney and the wench.

The divorce is final, the press buzzards are circling and Heather Mills won't keep her mouth shut despite her very loud statements that she wants to keep the divorce judgment private. So, Heather Mills? Shut up already. And I'm not just saying that because it's *you* - I'd say that to anyone else who would do the same thing that you're doing.

Geez, do you realize how unclassy it is to stand up on the court steps and announce that your poor daughter can no longer fly first class because you're only getting the equivalent of $70,000 a year in support - and that's just for the child. Do you realize that most of the reporters that you were talking to won't ever come close to making that? And then you take into effect that it's shared custody of the child as well. You should be able to do just fine raising her on that amount of money.

Grow up. But then what do you expect from a woman who threw a glass of water over her ex-husband's lawyers head before walking out of the courtroom.

He's paying for the school fees and the nanny, surely that must help alleviate the huge financial burden that you think it must accompany raising a child of Sir Paul McCartney. And it's not like she's his only child either. Hello? He had 3 with Linda, and adopted her first child too. He's got grandchildren that are Beatrice's age too. Come on, Heather. He's not going to let the child suffer - if he were, then he wouldn't have petitioned to have joint custody.

And I know that you expected to get more from Sir Paul, but when you fire your lawyers and then come off as an unbalanced and less than forthright witness... come on, you should already know that you're not going to as much money as you think you deserve. And heck, you were only married to him for 4 years. It's not like Linda was trying to divorce him after 20 years. Oh and Sir Paul? I think you married this one too soon after Linda died. The whole world was shocked at that, as I recall. But I digress...

This woman was trying to claim that she was the inspiration for Paul coming back as an artist after the loss of his first wife. Now, I guess she could try and claim that since his first full album after Linda died was sort of inspired by her and songs were written for her, but trying to claim that she was the reason for his success?

Ye gods, woman - he's a *Beatle*. He's in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most successful musician and songwriter ever. His last album wasn't *that* great. And there are people who will argue that his stuff with Wings was complete and utter drivel, but that's beside the point too. He could have found inspiration anywhere. But again, I digress.

Heather Mills (formerly McCartney) is getting about $48 million in cash and assets and thinks that she got cheated. I'd say that that's a pretty good deal considering that you were only married to the man for 4 years. Maybe she's jealous because by no means is this a huge record breaking settlement. Even Kevin Costner's ex-wife got more than Mills is getting, but there's no surprise there - they were married for 16 years.

Honestly, some people's kids. Heather Mills isn't going to gain anything more from Paul by trying to further smear him to the media or lay a public guilt trip on him about their poor, poor daughter who will have to suffer because she cannot fly first class when she travels. Oh wait, yes she will gain something...

...even more of a bitchy and shrewish reputation.