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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Happy April Fool's Day
...It's April 1st, thus it's April Fool's Day. And like recent years, I got nuthin'. Seriously.

I could talk about Earth Hour on Saturday night where we lit up candles and I promptly fell asleep after spending the day sneezing from allergies and not taking Claritin.

Or I could mention the insanity of how Rusty Yates has had another child - his wife is the one that drowned the other 5 and got off by reason of insanity. Seriously. But I'll let Suz discuss that one.

I could mention that my local radio station had the producer of 'American Idol' on who was claiming that there were vote discrepancies and that Sanjaya will appear again tonight. And Syesha will not in order to give Sanjaya that chance. I think it's an April Fool's joke.

I could talk about how I just got laid off again. Really. I did.

But I won't. It's April Fool's Day.