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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
It's Tax Day!
...yes, that awful day that everyone must stay away from the Post Offices in your neighborhood and hope against hope that the servers at Intuit (who makes Turbo Tax) don't meltdown like they did last year. Intuit says that they won't, but you never know.

Anyway, we were ahead of the curve this year. While we didn't owe money (yay, we're getting something back!) things were put off until almost the last minute to file. Yesterday the lovely little button was pushed to electronically transmit our taxes and we were happy it was over.

Until this morning when the mail came. There was something from eTrade that was postmarked 3 days ago and said "Important Tax Document". Excuse me? You sent something 3 days ago via regular mail and expect it to reach us when one of those days is a Sunday?!?

Did I happen to mention that it was mailed from Virginia? Oh, and even better - when we opened the darn thing it stated it was a corrected document. Corrected on 3/28/2008. And not mailed until April 12.

I know corporations get busy around this time of year. I know that some things can slip a little. This is eTrade - they couldn't have maybe, oh I don't know, sent an EMAIL ALERT that there was a change?

Of course not, that would have actually made sense. So, what's the effect on the taxes? Well, something was put in one box that should have been put in a different box. It either means we owe about $4-5 or we get back $4-5. Considering overall we're getting back a bit more than that I don't think it's really going to matter in the overall scheme of things, but still. Geez...

...what if we'd done something smart and filed in February?