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Monday, April 07, 2008
Our Song...
...I got to thinking a little while ago about couples and their "songs" - you know, the ones that they dance to at their wedding, or that are significant in a relationship and bring back good memories.

Mine and DH? I don't think that we really have one, but we did dance to "A Whole New World" (yes, the one from Aladdin) at our wedding. It had special significance to us. So did "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", but only with the mangled lyrics that end with "our pal is doomed". We're just twistedly funny that way.

But it got me to thinking about songs that would be almost wholly inappropriate for a "our song" designation. And I know some people who consider these songs to be "their song". It's rather... sad? Disconcerting?

I knew someone who danced with his fiancee for the first time to Genesis' "No Reply At All" and they considered that their song. Ever consider the lyrics of this one? The whole song is about how someone isn't communicating with the singer of the song. Not by voice, not my action, nothing. I find that a little strange. But hey, they danced to it and they thought it was important to them. I don't know if they're still together.

"Things that make ya go Hmmm" - that's another head scratcher. Two couples in high school claimed that as "their song". A song that goes on about either cheating, idiocy or bad choices in relationships. Well, I guess that one was a good indicator of what was going on at the time. Both of those relationships broke up after individuals had straying eyes. Hey, it was high school. But I think they could have chosen better.

I really do know someone who got married in the month of September and used "Wake me Up when September Ends" as their first song. She and her husband are a little weird, but I suspect they'll be together for a very long time. The choice of song made me raise my eyebrows when she told me what it was going to be (especially since I was so tired of hearing that song due to radio overplay).

I suppose I shouldn't criticize - after all, we have a Disney song that we danced to at our wedding. But sometimes those song choices are prophetic and sometimes they're just plain strange... the couple who claim Chicago's 'Stay The Night' is their song.