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Thursday, May 15, 2008
It's A Sign...
...Of what I have no idea. But it's something.

So, as I've mentioned previously, I got sucked into "American Idol" this year thanks to A wanting to watch what her friends are watching. A great source of amusement for us has been talking back to the television and commenting on what Simon, Randy and Paula have to say. And a general running commentary on what Paula is looking like comes with the package.

Last night we didn't have a comment on what she was wearing. Seacrest made some crack at the beginning that this is a G rated show (no, not it's not according to my DVR) and we let that pass. So she was wearing a low cut something. Big deal.

Then she stood up and we stared. We backed up the DVR. We watched again. Paula has truly reached a new... high? Low? I'm really not sure.

I think Paula was wearing her clothes inside out last night. I don't have a picture, although if they're on top of it the Fug Girls might at some point today. It was a snazzy black and white ensemble... except the white truly should have been on the inside.

DH's reaction - is Paula wearing a corset? No, I said. Then he commented that maybe she's wearing it backwards. That's when I realized she was probably wearing it inside out and the other two spared her by not commenting on it. Personally I would have loved to hear something about the dress being inside out.

Anyway, that's all I had to say today. It's a sign of something, I know not what other than the supreme crazy that Paula is.