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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Feeling Less Guilty...
...than yesterday and I wanted to address a couple of the comments about my download of "Song of the South".

Yes, there is a torrent of "Electric Dreams", and yes I have a download of that too. It's one of the best technology vs humans movies, in my opinion. Love the movie, but have not ripped that one to DVD. It just lives on my computer currently.

Yes, yes I would buy a copy of "Song of the South" as soon as it legally comes out. I'd do the same for "Electric Dreams". I'm currently going to do the same for Chicago's 'Stone of Sisyphus' CD which is finally going to see the light of day in June (minus one of the original songs). I've had a bootleg of that ripped to CD for years now and have been waiting for a chance to throw money at the band for a legal copy (it's that good).

Of course a new problem creeps up with this sort of guilt alleviation - DH, who downloaded "Song..." in the first place, doesn't feel as guilty as I did about it and is thinking about other movies that may be out of print that would be worth having. See, this is what happens when you curb your DVD buying because you work for a DVD rental company and who really needs all those DVDs taking up space on the shelf anyway, right? Keep in mind, this is someone who has well over 200 DVDs on the shelves now, and I know that's small compared to some, but it's pretty significant for us (especially when you consider the vast number of Disney DVDs we have). His latest thought is "Saturday the 14th" which came out two years ago and is now out of print. The initial run was very small and the DVD is very expensive now in the secondary market.

That aside, I have no opinion on what he does about that one. It was a funny movie that I'd love to see again (and no, it's not rentable either) but it's not something that I would sweat over in guilt. Well, maybe just a little bit.

So there you have it. I feel better about the "Song of the South" situation now. Oh, and to address mentioning the movie specifically? Disney doesn't scare me. I'm nothing compared to those who are hosting the torrent of the movie, helping the torrent to continue to populate, and those who are profiting from the torrent rip by reproducing a grey market DVD for sale (Yes, yes there is one, no idea on quality).