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Thursday, August 23, 2007
I Take It (Temporarily) Back...
...I can't not write about family. Not when DH curses the karma like he did yesterday.

I was sitting down and writing yesterday's entry when he mentions that this year we have not been blessed with a visit by the ants. I just about cried when he said it. I turned around from my desk, looked at him, and said (loudly): HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?

I continued on... How could he have mentioned that aloud? Why couldn't he have mimed it, or written it on a piece of paper that he set afire while I tried to read the words while the flames licked the words away? How could he curse us like that by mentioning the ants aloud?

He laughed. He asked "Did I just curse us?" and I emphatically agreed. Then I continued writing my blog. After publishing it (he read it to make sure no one would get offended by what I *did* write yesterday) he and I were talking and he looked at something past my shoulder. Then he headed for the air conditioner in the window and I asked what was wrong. He touched the air conditioner unit and then he said "You didn't see that."

See what?

See the ant he had crushed on his finger. And that's when I spotted the other one crawling away. He got that one and I found a third. It's all his fault. He cursed us. I managed to squash another 5 ants throughout the day and that's all I saw so far. There's no invasion around our air conditioner, which is good.

Of course, they're probably plotting another way into the house since there wasn't anything good around the air conditioner unit. They'll find a way back into the kitchen eventually and then all hell will break loose. I'll have been invaded once again...

...and it will all be DH's fault.