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Monday, July 30, 2007
More Scenes From a Short-Timer's Desk...
...Well, let's see what insanity we've dealt with since the last entry, and while I only have 4 more full days to go!

The Idiot has bred a child with his wife, and it hatched last week. He thinks he's going to be able to work full time while his wife recovers from the C-section.


Before he started his leave he came to my desk and asked, in that voice that managers use when they need status of a project, "How is your job search going and where are you interviewing at?"

My response? "That's really none of your business. If you want to know about something related to my work here, I'll be happy to tell you."

DH says he's probably seeking validation that he's not a bad guy in all of this and I'm not giving it to him.

After he left one of the two MBA's that he brought on board (because clearly that's the qualification you need in order to do my job now) said "What are we going to do without you?"

I didn't respond, sitting on the other side of the cubicle wall. Then she said "Trial by fire?"

My response? Yup, that's about it. Good luck with that.

The reason that statement came up?

There's a dashboard that the Idiot puts out weekly to everyone and their brother in a decision making role above him. The MBA from the previous statement said that something looking unusual and started diving into it. Come to find that the data is wrong *and* the graphs are pointing to incorrect data.

This is not the first time that Idiot has put out an incorrect dashboard, but he has never corrected it in a resend to everyone explaining the mistake. He just issues the new one the following week and probably hopes no one notices.

Anyway, the MBA is talking out loud to herself and says she's going to check the metrics to make sure the mistake didn't propagate from there (because "the metrics" are my files and they're the source data). She asked where to find that data, and I told her the line reference (out of 7000 lines) where to find the data.

The metrics are correct. The Idiot is wrong. And that's not the only mistake he made in putting files together this week.

Oh, and even better. The new MBA? The one that I think is my replacement that I interviewed?

I had to teach her how to do a pivot table last week. This was because she was looking at a set of data and didn't want it by day by hub. So I told her how to do a WEEKNUM and YEAR formula to sum by week and year (because she would be looking at multiple years worth of data). After I confused her with that (and wrote the formula on a post-it) she said that that was great but needed it summarized by week.

Easy. Do a pivot table.
A what?
Pivot Table. You know how to do one, right?
*blank look on her face*
Ok, let's show you a pivot table (does one in 5 seconds that summarizes the data, and then walks her through how to do it herself).

She walked away commenting that she never would have thought of that herself. Oh boy. I wish Operations luck...

That's it so far. I think that's as absurd as its going to get before I leave, but then you never know...