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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Scenes From A Short-Timer's Desk...
...with just a couple of handfuls of days left to go I thought I'd share some of my observations knowing that I'm escaping.

The brilliant person with the MBA that's taking over all my metrics files after I slash and trim them? Not so brilliant, I'm finding.

She doesn't know how to adjust security levels for macros in Excel.
She doesn't know how to program a macro.
She doesn't know indexes and arrays.
She's still foggy on lookups.
I've had to tell her three times how updating the public version of a file on the public drives is inadvisable and to instead use the private master copy I keep elsewhere. She's written it down 3x too.

She interviews well, that's for sure. Even I was smoked on her Excel knowledge. I should have asked tougher questions during that interview, but then I didn't know I was potentially interviewing my replacement at that time.

Well, they've let go the last of the old-timers from the original Operations team. Apparently she got skewered on her review too, by the same guys who ripped me apart, and it's sounding like they have decision making power on whether people stay or go (power that they shouldn't have).

The temp that I complained about last year who took over materials and is still here? She has no clue I'm leaving. She also just has no clue - I showed her twice how to copy and paste some data and then press a little button to run a macro.

She emailed me a half hour later to ask if I could go over it again with her because it's different now that she has to do it by herself. (DH says "It's different now that I have to do it myself instead of having *you* do it for me") How hard it is to select something, press Control-C, go somewhere else, press Control-V, and then press a button?

Apparently very difficult - she's scheduled an hour long meeting to review.

There's a mild sense of panic when people are talking to me about metrics. I think they're afraid of what I have to trim out (but I have no control over it any longer - the Idiot (a.k.a. Doorknob) and his minions have decided what data people should have access to).

I think they're more scared that this new person is just going to leave these datasets by the wayside when it's all over because the Idiot will tell her too.

I think they're spot on to worry about that.

The Idiot keeps trying to schedule meetings and planning schedules where I'm involved through the end of August. I've been declining them, and he's confused as to why.

Considering that I stop working here on August 3rd, this shouldn't be that hard. When he threw a small hissy about one meeting I simply took a deep breath and asked where the contract is for me working past my date of separation from the company so that I could review it and that my rate had better be at least $(current salary broken down to hourly rate + 60%).

That usually starts the little hamster running the wheel in his brain and he gives up.

That's about it for the moment. I'm sure things are going to get even more entertaining the closer we get to the end. 10 calendar days to go.