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Friday, July 13, 2007
Industry Killed The Streaming Radio Star...
...This is it folks. The last hurrah.

No, it's not my last day at work. 3 weeks to go on that one. This is the last business day before internet radio potentially goes silent. Remember, I talked about that about a month ago? Well, the day the music dies is finally here. On Wednesday afternoon a federal appeals court denied the request for an emergency stay of the fees.

On Sunday, July 15, I suspect that there is going to be some silence over the internet radio waves, or some final programming notes as many stations go off the air. Maybe there will be some original programming in place too, but I doubt it. That means Launchcast, Pandora, Wolf FM, and many others may be silent starting Sunday.

Beauracracy, Industry, Greedy Music Studios killed the streaming radio star. It's not too late to call your representatives and senators. Urge them to bring the Internet Radio Equality Act to an immediate vote. Do it today, and maybe something good could come of it...'s that or you'd better make sure your mp3 player is fully charged Monday morning when you head off to work.