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Friday, August 17, 2007
The Latest Screwy Search Terms...
...Let's take a moment and see what the latest search terms are...

I hate hate hate HATE it when people misspell my user name. Especially when they insist on addressing me using it or referring to me by using it. Some of them get pissy when you misspell their names, so I don't see why I shouldn't start correcting them rudely now. After all, when my username is in the post right above yours, you *should* be able to spell it right.

Common courtesy, you see. So the gloves are off now, let this be your warning.

blurry contact lenses
Yes, I have blurry contacts once in a while. Big deal. Everyone does at some time or another. I just wonder what they were actually looking for when they found me with that search term.

female inmates no panties
Urk. Eep. What the heck did I write that brought someone here with *that* search term?

2005 royalty rate was 7/100 of a penny per
I know this one - it's from my Day The Music Dies blog about internet radio royalty rates. That one's still up in the air folks - music on the 'net may go silent still...

norway study on family’s oldest child is usually the smartest
When I saw this one, it was the day after I'd published my entry on this - Google picked it up really quickly.


Again with the mouthcam. This is seriously getting annoying.

Wait a second... maybe they're looking for the thing that the Blue Man Group uses during concerts...

will footloose be remade coupled with is there going to be a remake of the movie Meatballs? (Both queries came from Ask Jeeves)
Well, either folks didn't believe my blog entry about it and wanted to research it for themselves, or they're hearing rumors elsewhere and my blog is coming up. Either way, yes, they're both getting "updated". That's the newest phraseology for "remake".

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!