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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
The One Black DMC Skein Became...
...a clover cutter! Just. Like. Magic.

You have no idea what I'm talking about? Then you haven't been reading my blog lately.

Ok, actually it was via the help of pulling the item out of a baseball cap and the USPS for sending the items through. But I like using the description of magic better.

So now I have this clover cutter. Still in the packaging all sealed up. Yes, brand new. What would you fairly trade me for it?

Remember to leave your trade item in the comments, along with your name and email address in the fields provided when you comment. I had someone put a comment in as Anonymous with no information to track back but the IP address (that tracks back to the state of New York). Trust me, I'm not going to go to that sort of trouble to figure out who you are based on an IP address. If you want to take part, then you gotta pony up the contact info. I'll email *you* for address information and all that good stuff.

When I get the next item, and the other person has this one, then the next trade will go up. Remember, don't trade anything that you don't already have in hand - it's being chronicled here.