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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
One Red Paper Clip... all started with one red paper clip.

You may have heard about this guy who traded a single red paper clip for a house. Well, eventually it was a house. It took about a year and 15 trades. I thought it was pretty amazing, and I've read his story in Reader's Digest, heard that there's a movie going to be made about it, and have read his blog.

I thought that that was a pretty shrewd deal. And that got me to thinking about what kind of model would that inspire for other people. So I've got an idea. I'm going to do something similiar, right here.

I don't have a red paper clip, though. I do have blue and pink ones, but I don't want to start with a paper clip. And I'll need your help, if you're a cross-stitcher that is. I've got something as common as a red paper clip.

I've got a skein of DMC 310. Simple black cotton thread.

So, comment me your offers (with your email address) and I'll take one of them that's a fair trade, contact you via email for address info, and then I'll send the skein off. When I get the item in trade, it will show up here for the next round of offers. I think this could be fun, I'm not after anything significant, particular or important. I don't need a house, and I'm not being greedy. I just want to see where it goes, if anywhere.

Remember, be honest, and don't trade anything that you don't already have in hand. After all, it's being chronicled right here.