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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Random Rambles...
...It's time once again for those things that play ping-pong in my brain and aren't enough for a full blog entry.

Anyone else on board with me for the idea that it's not global warming that's caused the shift in the weather (really really unseasonably cold winter, really really unseasonably hot summer) but instead that the earth's orbit around the sun has just changed the most minuscule bit that would change the weather but not kill us? Or maybe it's our axis rotation that's doing it...

No scientific basis for this one, but it's something to think about if it is indeed possible...

Thank goodness for rational children. You know, those ones that are over the age of 3 that make the connection between a spank and bad behavior? (Yes, I'm still pissy about that woman and her so-called law.)

A walks home from school with a friend in the neighborhood. One day she got a ride from the friend's mom, but they went to another school to pick up the friend's little brother. She wasn't home when she was supposed to be (but instead much later) and we got frantic. When she got home we were really cheesed that she went somewhere without telling us.

We talked about it - you don't do such things without telling mom or dad first because we worry and we expect you home at a certain time. What if an accident had happened? She hadn't thought about that. No punishment necessary, really, because she understood where we were coming from.

It's nice when you can reason with them.

Some things should not be re-animated with today's CGI - Orville Redenbacher wearing an iPod is one of those things. I was more unnerved by that commercial than I was by the episode of "Criminal Minds" that I was watching at the time.

Those commercials give me the creeps.

Confucious say, "Woman disappointed with hand-made garment should not assume others don't like their own hand-made garment"

gas station

[characters present]
Woman in early 40s, wearing celebrity style sunglasses with the auto-darkening feature that are two sizes too large for her face. Woman is wearing jeans and an eggshell colored hand-knit jacket with looped fringe all around the cuffs, collar, and edges. It resembles this one, only in a single color with less fringe that's much longer so it's rather floppy looking and not as tightly knit.
Woman in mid-30s, wearing jeans, dark colored rugby shirt, and a blue hand-crocheted scarf.
Both are at the pumps and filling cars with expensive gasoline

[poodle fringe wearing woman]
Is that hand-made?

[scarf wearer]
Yes it is.

[poodle fringe wearing woman leans in and uses a low voice]
My mother made this, she's in the car and I hate it but I have to wear it when she visits. What's your story?

[scarf wearer, eyes widened in surprise]
I made this two weeks ago, and I love it.

[poodle fringe wearing woman, blushing and looking at her feet suddenly]
Oh. Well. Then. [returns to pumping gas and looking anywhere but at woman with scarf]

[scarf wearer to herself]
*she must be wearing the glasses so that none of her friends recognize her in that thing*

Yes, this really happened to me. Yes, I am the scarf wearer in the above exchange.

So... is it a bad sign when a local radio station plays Chicago's "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" followed by "The Night Chicago Died"?

I certainly wasn't comforted by it. DH thinks that the programmers probably don't have two brain cells to rub together to make the connection on that one. Sadly, I agree.

Melissa Rivers recently commented that we have all become too sensitive in reference to the situation happening over at 'Grey's Anatomy' with Isaiah Washington referring to T.R. Knight with a homosexual slur.

Too sensitive? About calling a gay man such a horrid, despicable word? Would she be saying the same thing if T.R. Knight had used a certain racial slur starting with an 'n' when referring to Washington?

I think not. Sensitive, my arse.

Well, that's it for today... have a good one!