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Monday, February 05, 2007
Super... Just... Super.
...So, we're finished with another year of football as evidenced by the SuperBowl yesterday. Oh yes, we still have the Pro Bowl, but who really cares about it?

Here's my rundown and observations of the game... ok, mostly of the commercials. Because that's what it's really all about, right?

Loved that opening play. A 92 yard TD return. Outstanding...

...too bad DaBears didn't keep it up to win. But boy, what a great game!

I'll admit it up front. I loved that BlockBuster commercial with the two animals abusing the mouse.

Bud Light had two of the best commercials in the bunch.

First they had the two guys who were at a wedding and watching the Bud Light bottles being put into the mountain of ice. And one of them had figured out how to get to the beer quickly, when an auction caller comes out and performs the wedding. The other guy handing over his wallet at the end was priceless.

The other Bud Light commercial that was great was the one with the couple in the car, and the guy slows down to pick up a hitchhiker who is holding a fridge case of Bud Light and an axe. And the woman is focused on the axe, which the hitcher says "Uh.... it's a bottle opener."

It gets funnier when they happen upon another hitcher and the guy with the axe in the backseat sees him and says "But he's got a *CHAINSAW*" with a look of fear in his eyes.

That's got me laughing remembering it.

Some Winners:
FedEx had a classic commercial with the office on the moon. A comet taking out that one guy had me laughing so hard I almost missed the Bud Light auctioneer wedding commercial.

Lots of beer commercials I noticed... while it wasn't one of my ultimate favorites, it did rank highly: The rock, paper, scissors competition between two guys over the last bottle of beer. I totally expected on 3 one of the guys would grab the bottle and run. I did not expect "I threw a rock". Nevertheless, I was laughing.

Oh, I can't forget the TacoBell commercial for the steak taquitos. Especially when the Ricardo Montalban voiceover started. *snicker*

Jack in the Box... vegetarian... *snicker*

The Emerald mixed nuts commercial. I really hope we see that one again throughout the year.

I swear that has been bugging my offices. Or they used to. See, they had a series of commercials equating the workplace to a vicious jungle and a fight for survival. The only good commercial of the bunch is the one that they lifted from us.

See, once upon a time the company I work for was building a new building, and they'd dug a rather large space for underground parking and a theater. As we watched the theater being built the joke was that was the "gladiator pit" where people would be thrown to fight for a promotion.

Imagine my stunned surprise when I see the "promotion pit" in one of the commercials. Were they bugging us, or should I take that as a sign?

And a sign of what exactly? The Apocalypse comes to mind...

Go Daddy. Tasteless once again.

One more thing about Budweiser. I loved how they did a 15 second spot to say thank you to all the designated drivers out there.

Well, it's about time they paid tribute to the people who keep all the drinkers alive so that they can continue to buy beer and keep Budweiser in business.

Missing in Action:
Where were the Absolute vodka commercials? The whiskey commercials?

Where was the much rumored Apple commercial that was supposed to be similar to the 1984 commercial and would announce the exclusive rights to the Beatles catalog on iTunes?

No commercials? Or Black and Decker? My how times have changed.

And where were the commercials for all the good summer blockbuster movies? Yeah, ok, we got a few for things that are coming out in the next month or two. But were was the "Spider-Man 3" commercial? Or the usual July 4 movies? After all we've got "Transformers" and "Live Free or Die Hard" (the 4th Die Hard movie) opening on Independence Day. Where were *those* trailers? I feel cheated.

So, Prince tried to emulate Hendrix during the halftime show when he was playing "All Along the Watchtower". I was less than impressed as that's my favorite Hendrix tune and few can pull it off.

Nice try Prince, thanks for playing. Wait a second...

Was he playing? DH has his doubts, and near the end of the act, so did I...

Some Losers:
The only McDonald's commercial was the one showing all the cute smiling kid faces... and then revealing they're all Ronald McDonald House occupants? Hello? And that was during the kickoff show.

Now we get or whatever that shlock sales leads company was. Those commercials sucked, and belonged more on late night, cheaply priced slots instead of million dollar spots.

Honda CR-V - didn't they use that same song in a Chevy or Ford ad a couple of decades ago?

The one with the people who lived up to their names - Mr Turkeyneck - what the heck was the point of *that*? I can't even remember what product it was for. That's truly a sign of a failed marketing campaign.

B was happy there was a Happy Cows from California ad. She lives for those.

By the way, Taco Bell is offering K-Fed a job for an hour behind the counter at Taco Bell to show him that it's a really nice place to work. Money has not been discussed yet. I'm wondering if they're doing this to shut up the National Restaurant Association, or to irk them.

How could I forget the Snickers commercial with the "man-kiss"? Or the Doritos commercials with the car crash and the supermarket checker? Those were classic.

And what someone mentioned in the comments... the David Letterman promo.

If you missed any of these, or want to watch them again, they're all up on YouTube for the moment. This link takes you to a voting page, but you can watch all the commercials.