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Friday, February 02, 2007
A Great Friday Meme...
...What better to talk about on Friday than movies!

Name 5 movies you've *HAPPILY* seen repeatedly (or, if you haven't, 5 that you would happily see again). Post this in your blog, or, in the spirit of meme and spam-mail ultimatum, your TV and sound-system will break. Those of you with HD home theater systems are especially screwed.

Yeah, like that's going to happen, but I thought it was funny, thus I left it.

(not in any order of importance or favorite)

1. The Princess Bride
This has to be in the #1 slot, despite the disclaimer because I think it's the one that I've watched the most ever in my life. Since it came out it's been a must-have, must-own, must-always-have-it-around movie. My kids love it. DH loves it. Heck, they put up with me quoting it all throughout the movie. "To The Pain" has to be my favorite speech in the whole movie. My friends quote this movie with me.

You want to know how wonderful and significant this movie is? My maid of honor, bridesmaids and one of my best friends recited the "mawwidge" speech (from the Impressive Clergyman's wedding scene) when DH and I walked into our wedding reception. Those people knew how much I loved watching that movie, and it was the first of the speeches in the movie that I had memorized.

2. Say Anything
Yup. I wished and wished for a Lloyd Dobler to come into my life whose goal in life, what they wanted to do for a living, was be with me. Well, I don't have a Lloyd Dobler, but I have a pretty darn good man nonetheless. And I don't think I'd trade him for Lloyd (unless it was actually John Cusack in the flesh, and then we might have to talk...)

I identified with Diane - without the scummy tax-evading parent. I was smart. That smart. Still am, but don't really need it, so I'm a little out of practice being smart. But boy, Lloyd... there was just something about that movie, that story. I don't think it was the opposites attract thing, but something deeper. That maybe, truly, those two weren't all that different underneath despite outward appearances.

I don't know... I'm getting too deep here.

3. Grosse Pointe Blank
Yes, another Cusack movie. But I will happily watch and rewatch this movie because it's like Lloyd grew up and got twisted. An unofficial sequel with totally different characters. It's funny, it's twisted, it's sweet. Yes, I'm that weird to think it's sweet.

It had action, it had romance, it had a human airplane. It was silly and cute and hysterically funny at the same time. Heck, it had a Gas-n-Sip blow up.

4. The 10th Kingdom
This was a mini-series that showed up on NBC a few years ago. 8+ hours worth of a fairy tale set in the nine fairy tale kingdoms, in which a modern girl from New York City falls into a mirror and ends up needing to save everyone. She drags along her father, she falls in love with a Wolf, and the evil Queen that she needs to destroy turns out to be her mother who tried to kill her when she was small.

Outstanding scripting, great music (especially in the mushroom scene with 'Whiter Shade of Pale'), and just a really well acted piece. I have wished and wished for a sequel to this one, but I don't know that they could truly capture the magic of the first one.

And we manage to watch this one at least twice a year. We'd probably watch it more but it's so darn long, but I never turn down the opportunity to watch it.

5. The Goodbye Girl (original version)
Yes, cheesy Neil Simon movie from the 70s with Richard Dreyfuss as a romantic leading man. Again, this is another one of those "there's something about this movie". I don't know if it was Marsha Mason's sardonic cynical portrayal of Paula that got chipped away at and softened, or if it was relatively cracked Dreyfuss' Elliot that straightened out and showed some responsibility. They seemed a perfect match, and yet not at all together. Smart writing, good camera work (especially on location) and it retained the feel of a Simon play.

I've watched it over and over again, and the ending always makes me cry (yes, it's a happy ending too) - Coupled with this movie forever in my mind is Dreyfuss' "Always" which is a remake of "A Guy Named Joe". It, too, makes me cry and has a special place in my heart, but I can't figure out why.

The important question - do I own any of these on DVD? Yes, all but either movie mentioned in #5. I have Goodbye Girl on VHS, and I don't have Always at all.... don't know why.

So there you have it. Happy Friday everyone!