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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Scenes From A Starbucks Cup

...I find myself going to Starbucks these days and really looking forward to reading what's on the side of my cup. For those who aren't familiar with the notion, there's a little saying on the side of each paper cup, and they range from the witty to the wise and are authored by famous people, and people who are everyday people like you and I. It's called "The Way I See It" and they're up to about 200 sayings now.

They give me something to think about. They give me something to smile about. And occasionally, like now, they give me something to write about.

All unhappiness and stagnation results from a feeling that you are at the mercy of the world and the people in it. But what a joy it is, what a major shift to strength and power, when you no longer wait around for others to favor and love you, for others to flatter and reward you. Reward and flatter yourself, favor and love yourself.
~Kira Salak, Writer and National Geographic Emerging Explorer.~

How very true this is - when we're unhappy it's really easy to blame everything other than yourself and the items that you have control over in your life. It really is an uplifting feeling of power and happiness when you realize that standing on your own two feet and believing in yourself and loving yourself can really change your outlook on life. I don't know that I full agree that *all* unhappiness is a result of feeling that you're at the mercy of the forces that swirl around you, because I know firsthand that people can create their own unhappiness. Just like they can create their own happiness.

I let myself get depressed over my job situation a while back. I brought it home with me, it ruled me. And yes, while there are some things that were out of my control, there were others that weren't. And I took those things that are within my control and spun them so that I can make it through the day and not be unhappy about what I'm doing to bring in a paycheck.

Am I unhappy at the moment? Not really. My kids are healthy and happy, and my marriage is in darn good shape (it always has been). The Wagon has moved with some fuss, but little drama, and seems to be thriving amidst the upheaval. My friends are at reasonably good points in their lives as well.

I've got a nice raise, I'm still doing a job that I do like. I just don't like some of the people that I do this job for and I'm still working towards getting something new that will make me happier. I certainly don't like the fact that I've been left off the list for the Sundance trip this year. That's right folks, no Dancing in the Sun/Snow posts from me at the beginning of February. I would have been boarding a plane *today* if I were going. What burns me more is no trip to Braza Grill for yummy Brazilian BBQ. That's ok... I'll make it to Salt Lake at some point during the springtime I'm sure, and I'll get my fix along with the annual shop hop with Stasha.

That's neither here nor there though. It's winter and it's easy to feel down and blame it on everything around you. It's the post-holiday letdown, the winter blahs. I'm not trying to trivialize those who are affected by the seasons either, because that's a valid situation as well for many. But back to the author of the quote....

You have to love yourself, flatter yourself. It's not that someone else isn't going to do it, but instead that you shouldn't wait around for compliments. Compliment yourself on a job well done, and you're more likely to compliment someone else as well. Congratulate yourself on making it through a rough day, and you're more likely to be able to sympathize and help someone else through a rough day. And hopefully they'll help someone else too. It's a strong and empowering feeling like the author says, when you take that little bit of control back into your own hands. It's not that others don't notice but in today's society many just don't take the time... take the time.