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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Random Rambles

...Yes, it's time for another one of those posts filled with some of my random thoughts...

So there's this character out there called Borat, and there's a lot of press surrounding his movie because it's supposed to make fun of people from Kazakhstan. Or of Americans. I'm not sure. One of the radio ads I keep hearing has the character, in very broken and incomplete English, saying to please see his movie "make success or I will be execute".

Is that a promise? Can I watch *that* on film?

Yes, I hate Borat - he's the worst kind of viral character.

Seen in the window at a Burger King drive-thru: a sign with the evil looking King on it wearing aviator shades that are reflecting a green glow, and the message that "The King Wants To Play".

Burger King Xbox games are coming. How sad is *that*?

Before people start pointing fingers...

Yes, I'm bitter that they didn't hire me, but no, I wasn't responsible for the explosive device thrown through the window at the eBay/Paypal building on Halloween night.

Speaking of Halloween, a big thank you to Mother Nature, Father Time, and the Weather Gods that kept the rain away until the wee small hours of this morning so that the kids could trick-or-treat, and I could get the spiderwebbing off the house.

Funny, and scary, how your opinion of someone can turn on a dime based on one simple statement that they make and the conviction that they put behind that statement. We've all done it whether we realized it or not.

Think about it.

Put 500,000+ people in one metropolitan area, celebrating Halloween. Make a great majority of them gay.

Eventually some wacko is going to figure out that bombing the Castro during the party might be a way of making an anti-guy statement in a most violent and noticeable manner. Sad, isn't it?

Of course, there's always rats in a cage theory - the violence has escalated during the Castro parties from stabbings in 2002 to shootings this year. Increase the people, don't increase the territory and you're going to have increasing problems.

Of course the politicians think the way to solve it is to stop it.

Borrowed from comedian Steven Wright, and expanded upon by me:

The earth is bi-polar.

That could explain *A LOT*. (No offense meant to those who have been diagnosed as bi-polar or other related challenges)

People, leave the poor shaking Marty McFly alone. If he wants to not take his meds to show how bad a disease can be, then so be it.

While it's somewhat grandstanding, it makes a point. A powerful one. And bravo to him for willing to suffer like that to make the point.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I think President Bush needs to think about that one after admonishing Senator Kerry to apologize for a botched joke.

Note for Kerry: don't deviate from the script. You're a politician, not a stand up comedian. Leno and Letterman may make you politicans sound funny in their jokes but that's because they're trying to get us to laugh at you, not with you.

That's it from me today... have a great day!