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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
General Run of the Mill Update...

...Let's see.

A & B are doing well in school, although there's a bit of a reversal of fortune going on in the academic arena: A is having a hard time in math, and B is loving every second of math. The reverse was true last year. Ah, how these things change.

I'm still looking for a new job, but no one's calling or emailing or responding to my applications, so I'm probably in a holding pattern until after the first of the year. Upside to that is that I'll go through another raise cycle by the end of the year and have a better foothold on upping my salary when I leave.

State of the stitching - I am, and it's a Christmas stocking for DH that I'm working on at the moment. Better Homes and Gardens "Home for Christmas" stocking. I'd share a picture but it's not much more than a few blobs of blue and red at the moment. Wait until I finish the trunk and backstitch some of it.

Cross Country is over and A did pretty well in her last race - she improved her time on the track that she ran which was one that she did pretty horribly on the first time she'd run it. B is waiting until baseball season starts, but she seems to be on the fence about whether or not she wants to play.

Family plans regarding Thanksgiving are starting to swirl around. DH and I really want to tell one brother that his stuffing sucks (he's volunteered to make it or the potatoes and they suck too) but we're trying to figure out how to do so and not insult everyone. Personally I want to tell everyone that we're hosting Thanksgiving at the Mountain Winery and they're welcome to join us if they can get tickets because it's $65 a head. Or more. And then they can scramble for that while I make a nice turkey breast for the 4 of us and we have a nice quiet Thanksgiving. I like the years when I can have a nice quiet holiday dinner, I really do. Family get-togethers are fine for Easter, or some general 3-day weekend sort of holiday, but for some reason I'm more inclined to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with just DH and the girls. I think its because I want to remove myself from the stress of the holidays that everyone seems to exude on such days.

That's about it. Nothing really exciting going on. We still have to decorate for Halloween (I'll do that this weekend) and I'm busy at work again building data models and the like. That's all for now...