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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
What's Bringing People Here....

...I've not done this in a really long time, but I figured I was overdue to make mention of some of the search terms that are bringing people to WhizGidget Wonders...

Mouthcam - this one seems to be really popular. I can't figure out why people keep searching on it, so I finally did the Yahoo search for it. Apparently it leads back to a two year old 'Dear Mr Spammer' column I wrote where I mentioned that I should invent a German Shepherd MouthCam. And the mention here is just going to ensure that I get even more hits for such a thing. Why would anyone *want* a mouthca- never mind.

type in sentences and have them diagrammed - and why would that lead someone *here*? The whole search term sounds like someone is trying to cheat on their 4th grade homework.

"Because nice matters" license plate - gosh, can't you have one of those made at the mall? Why would you need to search the web for one... oh right, it takes energy and ambition to go to the mall.

how much did paris hilton pay to copy right her phrase "that's hot" - Do you really want to know? Is it really that important?

"Statistical techniques in business and economics" answers crack - Crack, that's what the authors of that book were on. I remember mentioning that book somewhere in the vast archives of my blog from some book thing. And I know the authors weren't on crack when they wrote it, and it's still a pretty good resource for me.

bruce springsteen's workout and diet routine - So, his workout and diet are supposed to do *what* exactly? Make you look like an aging, balding factory worker from New Jersey?

hair whiz II - for some reason Yahoo gives me up as the second search item, and Google... nowhere to be found. No matter - I have no idea what they're looking for because the phrase doesn't really lead anywhere definitive.

nutritional value of pig in the blanket - would you believe that Google returns my recent junk food blog as the 5th entry for this search? I know, I can't believe it either. I guess that's what you get when Google owns your blogging service.

cartoons having sex with spiders - I'm trying to figure out if I'm more disturbed by the fact that this search term leads to my blog or by the fact that someone is actually searching for this.

"the wagon" whizgidget - Hey! Something that's actually relevant to me! That reminds me, I should write a State of the Stitching address - it's been awhile since I wrote one.

fibonacci "i ain't got nobody" - Diamond David Lee Roth and the Fibonacci sequence... oh. kay.

tickle me in nylons - You know, I'd go do the Google/Yahoo search on this phrase if I wasn't so... scared of what I'd find if I did.

dressed up as a mexican batman - er... Suz had no comment when I mentioned this one to her other than to laugh. My reaction was more to scratch my head and wonder about it. I'd search for it, but then again, maybe I just don't want to know why my blog led that person here.

toni basil halloween costume - dear god no. Haven't we been assaulted by this woman enough with her one hit wonder from the '80s? And who would want to dress up like a cheerleader who is way older than she should be, with a too short skirt, two ponytails sticking out the side of her head with Angelina Jolie lips and overly lined eyes? Oh. Right. Someone was looking for this costume for their wife or girlfriend. That's got to be it. Poor guy's going to land in the hospital for giving his wife/girlfriend that costume.

reciept for chicken and dumplings - I don't know about a receipt, but I have a recipe for some... no, I won't share it here.

nfl player stomp on missing helmet - yup, that's a recent focus of my ire. Interesting how that story just *died* so fast, isn't it?

what does albert haynesworth's mother think about what he did - good question, I'd like to know the answer to this too - and that would be a story that wouldn't die so fast.

why A Light in the Attic was challenged/banned - I answered that already... because stupid people are afraid children would start breaking dishes instead of washing them.

...that's it for the most interesting items that are bringing people here. There were other things, like mentions of Elvis, Neopets, and toilet paper, but we won't get into those. At least not this time.