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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Dear Mr. Spammer...'s time once again for our not-so-regular sarcastic look at the spam that ends up in our email buckets. Mr. Spammer is trying to convince me to buy stock again...

Dear Mr. Spammer,

I regularly get your investment alerts that state that I need to buy into some small cap or penny stock that I've never heard of. Some of these so-called stellar stocks have risen as high as $6 per share with tremendous gains. I have to doubt that they've risen like that, but what makes you think that I'll listen to your investment advice when I barely have time to read my weekly Motley Fool updates that come to my inbox every Friday.

If the folks at can't pick out a penny stock that has had these tremendous gains and *you* can, then why do you care about the rest of us making money on it? And why aren't you recommending new penny stocks that you think have great promise instead of telling me about the ones that have probably risen as far as they're going to go?

And why are most of the ones that you're telling me that are successful have been delisted? So many questions, and I think the answers would probably make your head explode in a much messier way than the head did in that movie 'Scanners' from the 80s. Bad movie, interesting premise. But I digress.

I know you really care about my bottom line, and that you want me to be as successful as you have been with this stock, but if you're so successful then why are you using email to spread the word, and why aren't you working for Fool? And why aren't you on the cover of Business Week, or the Wall Street Journal?

Yeah, thought so.

-WhizGidget- *with a diverse portfolio, a good profit, and a finance degree to be able to understand it all*