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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
The School Year Has Started...

...know how I can tell?

Because I've got my first cold of the school year, and it's a doozy. At first I thought it was just my sinuses, but it progressed rapidly into aches and a big headache. And a fever.

The upside of it all is that it was about 95 outside, I was wearing a light sweater, and I didn't feel hot at all. The downside is that I felt like crap and air conditioned offices felt *cold*.

I'm not sure if the fact that the rest of the family isn't sick is an upside or downside to this. I'll get back to you on that.

So I'm working at home today after not being able to fall asleep from the aches, the headache and the nausea until sometime after 1am. And thus, that's it for today. I can't be more eloquent because I can't think straight to write effectively. So I'll go play with production data instead.