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Thursday, October 05, 2006
The Fat Cells are Crying... long time readers know that I have a particular weakness - Krispy Kreme. I remember blogging about it when they opened and the fat cells started screaming for more. Ah, a lovely year it has been with Krispy Kreme there, hot and fresh and within reach. The ultimate sugar coated fat pill.

I think DH was a little concerned that I might go off the deep end and start making the Krispy Kreme a second home. The fact that I'd crack the window when we drove by and inhaled the wonderful sugary smell of fresh doughnuts and whimper slightly was probably a touch concerning.

But alas, the honeymoon is over. So is the match made in heaven and the atmosphere. After just a year and a half in business, the Krispy Kreme on the corner that taunted me daily as I drove into work has closed. Unexpectedly, without warning. I was driving to Curves on Monday afternoon, and looked over, expecting to see the hot light on and taunting me while I drove past as it usually does. But it was dark, and quiet, and all the windows were soaped. The Krispy Kreme was closed. The signs on the doors said to visit these other locations, all of them far away, except one.

I know the chain is in trouble. I know they're bleeding money left and right. But that location was doing pretty well as far as I could see. There were cars there in the drive-thru in the early morning hours when I drove past. I stopped in once in a while and picked up a dozen for the office. DH would get a couple of Krispy Kreme's once in a blue moon for Mother's Day or a just because. It wasn't often that we went there, but when we did it was always a good thing.

See? I was good and controlled myself. I think it helped that I could hear DH's voice in my head telling me that they were just sugar coated fat pills and that kept me from going there. That and I knew it would be a set back for all the time I've spent in the gym working out for the last 3 years. I usually only went there when my willpower was totally weak and I could tell DH's voice in my head to shut up and let me enjoy my custard filled chocolate glazed (my favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut ever).

And now they're gone. I'm going to have to drive 20 minutes or more out of my way to get to the next nearest Krispy Kreme store. Or hope that they have what I want at the grocery store (because one store actually stocks individual trays of their doughnuts, but I wonder if they only did that because the shop was across the street).

*sigh* I *know* I'm trying to be more fit. I *KNOW* I'm exercising and eating healthier to be a good example to my kids, and so that I can have a good long life, but I like a little something on the dark side every once in a while. Like the marionberry pie that DH brought home the other night. Or a small bag of chips once in a while. They could probably take the chip aisle out of the grocery store and I wouldn't miss it. Same goes for the bakery. It's not that often that I want something that's bad for me. If it weren't around, I probably wouldn't miss it...

...but why did they have to take away my lovely and delicious sugar coated fat pills?