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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Random Rambles...

...Yes, it's time once again for those little snippets that fall into my brain (and hopefully not out of my mouth) that I can't go one about for a few paragraphs...

Cory Lidle was just about the only thing that was good about watching the Oakland A's (don't like the A's either, but they're a local team and Lidle made them worth watching), and I was sad when he was traded to the Yankees because I don't like the Yankees...

...but I wasn't nearly as sad as I was yesterday when I learned that Lidle died in a tragic accident.

The networks show commercials for all the cleaning supplies during daytime programming, and all the commercials for Viagra/Cialis/name your poison at night.

So, they've finally figured out that only Stay At Home Moms (SAHMs) watch television during the day and that men who can't get it up watch at night.

That's reassuring.

To quote Def Leppard: "Is anybody out there? Anybody there?"

Yes, the comments field has been quiet - have I really gotten that uninteresting?

First spinach. Now lettuce. Why don't the Gods of Food want me eating salads anymore?

Oh wait, not lettuce anymore because they were wrong about that. But carrot juice has botulism now. Great.

Apparently men are slightly smarter than women (by 4 IQ points) but they'll delay an ER visit when the (insert sport of choice) game is on. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they're self anestizing with alcohol when the game is on?

In which case, are they *really* 4 points smarter?

Ever be late for something and be grateful for it? I was running late for work on Monday morning - I hit the snooze one extra time and paused to start some more files moving over to another computer. On the expressway, just about 100 feet from where I'd turn off of it was a horrid accident with a large Dodge truck that had hit a small Honda something (that was turned the wrong way, that's how hard it was hit).

And all I could think was that if I'd started out on time, I might have been *in* that accident.

Flip side guilt: If I'd been on time, maybe the accident wouldn't have happened because there would have been one more variable that could have helped it *not* happen.

Piece of advice - if you don't want to almost get hit by inattentive drivers on a busy street without sidewalks at lunchtime, don't want with your back to traffic on said street while READING A BOOK.

Yes, I'm still reeling from the loss of my Krispy Kreme. As a result of that I've been pondering getting having a nonstop IV of Starbucks hot chocolate put in.

And that's all from me today...