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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
An Ode...

...To Blogrolling, which has been on death's bed for the last few days.

The blogs I want,
The blogs I read
Are victims of a faulty feed.

Blogrolling went
And now I have a lengthy vent.

Ok, maybe not so lengthy, and maybe not an ode, but definitely a vent. I saw lots of things while I randomly wandered blogs yesterday - I saw blogrolls that had duplicate entries on them, and ones that had maybe one update icon next to a blog name. I saw completely empty rolls, and ones that were sadly out of date.

And I know that I'm one of the few that has a backup system because I keep some blogs on bloglines, but mostly those are business and entertainment industry related, and a couple that I don't keep on my blogroll for the privacy of the owner of the blog. I actually do use my blogroll as a launching point to other blogs (and I know others use mine too as an access point).

It seems to be working this morning, so I'm going to proceed with caution as I cruise through blogs because my note on the blogrolling forums has been ignored (mostly because my message sits in between loads of spam that has hit their discussion forums) and I doubt it will get answered.

But for now, folks, it seems that the blogroll is working. Oh, and for those of you who use Blogrolling you might like to know that some of the so-called "Gold" options (for the paying customers) are now free to everyone...

...and so the hated little "Powered by Blogrolling" link at the bottom of my roll is going bye-bye.