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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Ah, The Honeymoon is Over....

...then again, so is the marriage.

I can't believe that I was so wrong when I called it out a little over two years ago. I was sure sure that K-Fed was going to drop her first. Ah well, I guess I could still be right if he's managed to knock someone else up. I swear that man's ambition is to have two kids by every woman he can lay his hands on.

I know, I know, he's only knocked up two women so far, and I should lay off the poor aspiring white wannabe rapper, right?

So Ms. Britney finally got wise and is dumping his butt. And she has an "iron-clad" pre-nup that no one knows the details about. I suspect that since she's the one jumping ship that she's going to have to pay up some amount of cash, but that's better than him trying to embezzle money from her.

Oh, did I say that out loud? That's only conjecture on my part, but I wouldn't put it past him. He looks shady, but looks aren't everything - after all, there are some very nice rappers who look like thugs and some really boy-next-door types of serial killers. But maybe she just couldn't hack marriage and kids all at once. After all, she was pregnant for the vast majority of the marriage, she's got two *very* little ones, and I don't think that she really took it as the serious commitment that it's meant to be. Remember, she got married in Vegas in a quickie ceremony that was annulled before the ink was dry on the marriage license. Maybe it was the pressure of knowing that her two kids don't come first because he's got two others (one of which hadn't been born yet when he hooked up with Ms. Britney), and maybe that's part of what prompted her to file for sole custody.

You *know* that's going to get nasty, because the only way K-Fed can get more money out of his Cheeto-eating cash cow is to get partial custody of those children. Granted, he's going to have to show that he's a model parent, but considering he's been off running around trying to promote a new album, and there's press all over the place that Britney has been turning to her mom and sister during the second pregnancy, and you hardly ever see them together when she took her first son out and about, I don't think he's going to have much of a leg to stand on.

Not that she's a model mother - anyone remember that little incident with the paparazzi catching her with her child on her lap while she was driving? First it was an explanation that that's what you did when she was growing up in Louisiana (before all the seat belt laws came into being) and then it was blamed on the paparazzi following her and the need for a quick escape. I think it's going to be a dirty press-filled battle over those children, and Britney will be very smart if she just doesn't say *anything* and let K-Fed try whatever he needs to try to win sympathy in the press and the court. He won't win in court - she's got the money, and he's got... well...

What does he have besides four kids via sperm donation and a Slurpee habit? He certainly doesn't have a career if half the people who attend quickie concerts by him are booing him (as they did on Halloween night).

You know, I've heard it bandied about that Britney only married him so that her kids wouldn't be born out of wedlock and that she would drop him after she had two. If that's true, then the timeline fits. If it's not, then it's tragic because the youngest is barely two months old. Either way, it was a really expensive sperm donor Britney - there's no shame in going to a clinic and being a single mom - thousands upon thousands do it every day in the US. And now you're going to do it too (with the help of nannies and housekeeping staff, of course).

I'd like to say poor, poor Britney, but I can't. When you lie down with dogs sometimes you wake up with fleas. In her case those fleas inhabit the cornrows of her soon-to-be ex-husband K-Fed. Sadly too many of us figured that it would end in divorce....

... now it's all over but the inevitable mudslinging.