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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Ooops.... she did it again...

... that's right, Britney went and got herself married again. You *do* remember last time, right? When she was in Vegas and did it on a lark with an old buddy of hers, and then annulled it 56 hours or so later?

Then a few months later she got engaged and said this time was serious, and for real? But she hadn't even met his kids yet? Oh wait, she couldn't have met his kids yet because one of them hadn't been born yet. That's right, they hooked up while his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with their second. I guess they were waiting for just the right time.

Well, I suppose Britney certainly was serious. In fact, she was so serious about it, that she got married in secret. In a five-minute ceremony.

Just like Vegas. *snark*

Now, this time is rather unique, as opposed to last time. After all, this time they had chicken fingers and ribs for the wedding dinner.

Her mom was there, and so was some family. They just lured them there on the pretense that this was an engagement dinner and then said 'Surprise! This is the wedding!'. I bet Britney thought that this was as 'cool' as that engagement ring that she paid for herself since her dancer/newly minted hubby couldn't. Oh, and don't forget that she used to wake up in the morning and look at that ring and think "Very cool". Yeah. Kay. Riiiiight. I would think "very cool" too if I'd just bought myself a nice new piece of jewelry that looked good on me too. But I draw the line at buying my own engagement/wedding rings.

Makes ya wonder how long this one's going to last. Betcha he bails first. Can't wait to see what happens in the divorce, because I'm fairly certain that there's no pre-nuptial agreement on this one. Well, of course there wouldn't be, because this one will last forever, right? They even traded platinum wedding rings and she wore white.

Gag me.

With a silver spoon.

They even danced to Journey's "Lights" (which is incorrectly being named 'City by the Bay') - what significance does *this* song have? (lyrics can be found here on Journey's website) It's about a person who is lonely and missing their home. Was Britney just lonely? That's certainly not a good reason to marry someone, although I can think of far worse reasons. And I can think of far better songs to dance your first married dance to. But then, I shouldn't criticize that - there are people who think DH and I are downright cheesy because we danced to "A Whole New World" from Disney's 'Aladdin'. Hey, for us it was fittingly descriptive. I wonder if the same can be said for Britney and her new hubby.

Rumor has it that they're also interested in doing their own version of MTV's 'Newlyweds' - I don't think I could take Britney trying to out-stupid Jessica Simpson. Not that I would watch it in the first place; I'll just have to deal with the headlines that will inevitably hit the entertainment news that I read. Of course, they will have the benefit of having small children add a new dimension to the show - can't you just wait for Britney to have to deal with a smelly diaper? Heeee... that might be just worth watching to see the "eewwwww" look on her face that will inevitably be the result the first time she's got to change a totally loaded diaper.

Well, Ms. Britney did say that it's her life and she wants to live it the way she wants. Sounding like every other bratty 15 year old I've ever encountered in my life - including myself at one point.

Oh wait, she's *not* 15. My mistake.

I'm wondering when reality is going to slap her in the face, and she figures out that getting married isn't some simple walk in the park or some quickie way to make sure that your boyfriend isn't going to run out on you again with someone else. It's not going to be a walk in the park - especially when you're more famous than the man you married, and he comes with the baggage of two small children that he will have to support for the next 18 years. Or will she pick up *that* tab too (in the divorce that's most likely to happen). I'm taking bets...

...Britney paid for those wedding rings too, right?