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Friday, September 17, 2004
Friday forum...

...welcome to another start to the weekend, with the Friday Forum. *wanders off whistling 'Good Mornin' from SummerStock...*

1. Starting with your head down to your toes, what health/beauty
products have you used/applied to your body so far today? [For
example, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, cologne/perfume, nail
polish, etc.]

So far, nothing. I'm still sitting here in my pajamas. Usually at this hour of the morning I'm almost to my office, and I would have applied an acne pad, toothpaste and deodorant. I'm not one for perfumes or makeup (unless it's a special occasion), and I wash my hair at night (because I'm up so early in the mornings).

2. Do you have a ritual when you take a shower, such as
washing your hair first or maybe even brushing your teeth in the
shower? If so, what? Do you prefer baths or showers, usually?

I step into the shower, let the water run down my back, turn around and get my face, and then I turn again to wet down my hair. Yes, I tend to wash my hair first, in case I have something that I need to leave in for a few minutes (like conditioner, or a 'hair repair' type of shampoo). If I take a bath, I save washing my hair either for last, or I step into the shower for a few minutes to do that.

3. How do you get yourself up and going in the mornings?
Coffee? A hot shower? Breakfast? Would you consider yourself a
morning person at all? When do you usually get up?

Get myself going in the mornings? At 5am, all it takes is a radio alarm set to the classic rock station. I'm definitely up by then. Weekends are a different matter. Saturdays I go to Curves, and then I collapse for a bit afterwards until I have energy to take a shower (which gets me going). Sundays I just need to laze about in bed for a bit and read to get things firing.

4. Do you normally eat breakfast? What do you usually have? Do
you usually make it at home or go out for breakfast, or do you
prefer not to eat breakfast?

I don't eat breakfast unless DH cooks it or I'm terribly hungry. Unless you count one 16 oz cup of green tea as breakfast, in which case I have that 5 days a week as soon as I get into my office.

5. What does your alarm clock sound like? A buzzer, music, or
something else? Do you ever set your clock fast so that you push
yourself to get ready sooner? Are you usually on time, late, or
somewhere in-between?

Hey, I already covered this. I use a radio alarm - in fact, I have two alarms on the same clock. One is set for 5am to the talk radio station, the other is set for 5:05am for the Classic Rock station. Either way, I'm going to wake up, but I get a 5 minute snooze (instead of the standard 9 that my clock provides, which is way too much for me at that hour of the morning). I pretty much set the alarm once and leave it. It has a neat little function that allows you to set the day of the week that you want the alarm to go off, so I de-selected weekends and I've not had to touch the clock since.

I'm usually early or on time for things unless something spins completely out of my control. I hate being late.

Have a great weekend everybody!