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Friday, September 03, 2004
It's the Friday...

...Forum... Five... Oh, I'm so confuzzled... There's so many more than 5 questions here... but they're interrelated, so let's get started.

1. What color are most of the clothes in your wardrobe? Is there a particular color that you would never wear? What colors do you think that you look best in (or feel best in)?

Well, darn. I'd have to say most of the clothes are either white or blue - I wear jeans and t-shirts a lot. There's some creamy and butter yellows and some pinks in there... and the Hawaiian shirts. Oh and black. There's quite a bit of black in there too - I'm a geek after all, gotta have black. I avoid wearing brown and bright oranges at all costs. They're icky... they make me look like I have a terminal illness (lime greens do that to me too). At least with black, I either look pale, or good, not like I'm at death's door (unless I'm wearing black when I get sick, and then all bets are off for all colors). I look and feel best in white and yellow...

2. What are your favorite colors, and why? Are you inspired by them? Do you identify with them? Do you like them because of the way that they make you feel? Are there any colors that you totally dislike, and why?

My favorite colors? They change from moment to moment, but they're usually in the blue/purple ranges. It's not that they describe any particular feeling of blue or depression - I look for the bright and deep jewel tones that speak of power and knowledge. As for totally dislike, see above answer regarding browns and bright oranges.

3. What colors are surrounding you right now? What color is the sky at the moment? What color are the walls? What color is your computer's desktop wallpaper?

The sky is this marvelous blue receding into purple way up high, with just a tinge of reds, oranges, and yellows. It's going to be a gorgeous sunrise, and I'm so pleased that I get to see it every morning in my office. The painted walls are white, the cubicle walls are grey with darker grey lines kind of 'scribbled' all over the place.

And you want to know about my computer wallpaper? Well, now that I'm going to share it with you, I'm going to change it. Click here to see it.

4. Would you ever try foods that are unusually colored, such as purple mashed potatoes, green ketchup, etc.? Do you prefer your foods to be regular colors?

I've tried a few things that were colored oddly - it's bizarre to be eating green mashed potatoes, but the taste isn't any different. Well, ok, it is when you add enough pesto to truly change the color. I don't know that I'd eat purple and blue foods - except those that are overly sugary like Peeps or bubble gum. Those colors aren't in the natural order of foods. Think about it. The only purple you really see in nature is eggplant, and I can't think of any naturally occuring blue foods.

Yes, I would prefer my foods to be of "normal" color.

5. What is your hair color? Your eye color? Do most of your family members share these same traits? Would you ever dye your hair or try colored contacts?

Hair: brown.
Eyes: brown.
Family: well, those that raised me share some of the same traits... I was adopted as a baby, and from what they told me, yes, I do share the traits with my biological parents.

As for cosmetic changes, well... I used to tinge my hair with blue, pink or red tips - does that count? I don't think that I would dye my hair - getting gray and growing old is part of life, and I'd rather do that gracefully and naturally rather than start dumping chemicals on myself. Colored contacts... well... I look strange with green eyes - not bright green, but just enough to change my deep brown eyes to a greeny brown. I'm sure I'd get used to it, but it's odd when I think about that image I had in the mirror looking back at me. I think I'd look at any cosmetic changes the same way as the thought that ran through my mind when I looked in the mirror with those green eyes...

...that's not *me*.

It's a 3-day weekend here in the US, so I'm signing off to enjoy it. I'll be back on Tuesday... Enjoy!