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Friday, September 10, 2004
It's Friday!!!

...and the Friday Forum is ever-reliable.

1. Do you enjoy the autumn season? Why/why not? Can you see any signs of fall already in your area? Are your thoughts beginning to turn toward fall, or are you trying to hold onto summer's last moments?

Well, in California we really don't see the seasons like some other places do. The leaves fall rather suddenly off the trees and it's cold. But we haven't had that happen yet. Normally we'll deal with the beginning of Autumn and a heatwave - like we are having right now, with this being the 7th day in a row where it's been over 90 - most of the days have been over 100, it's finally cooling off. Personally, I'm just holding out for winter.

2. What are some of your favorite autumn desserts? Do you make them yourself? Is there a fall treat that you've always wanted to try? What are your favorite goodies to give out [or receive!] on Halloween?

I don't have any specific Autumn desserts, unless you count the fact that my mind will be turning towards getting cherry pie around Halloween time. That would be my favorite goodie to get. As for giving out as treats, well, I'm always a sucker for giving out lollipops.

3. Do you have any special autumn events planned, such as visiting an apple orchard, dressing up for Halloween, going on a hayride, or maybe hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home? If so, have you already started planning for these events?

There's nothing special planned for Autumn, other than the usual Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities. I think Thanksgiving is at MIL's again this year... and SIL has stated that she's bringing the stuffing. We'd better find out what she puts in it (and I'll be happy to bring stuffing as well should she be one of those that puts raisins and apples and such in the stuffing).

4. When you were growing up, did your family usually have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner [turkey, cranberries, stuffing, etc.]? Or, did you do something different, such as going out to eat or fixing nontraditional food?

We had a turkey... and steak... spaghetti. Very non-traditional, except for the pumpkin and cherry pies.

5. Do you participate in Halloween festivities? What are some of the costumes that you've worn in the past? Do you still dress up now? Do you get many trick-or-treaters where you live?

We dress up for Halloween, and make sure that we have plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters. Our block gets lots of them... the minivans from elsewhere converge on our neighborhood bigtime. Growing up, I never got to go trick-or-treating. Product of a paranoid mom...

...but once I moved out I've been known to don a costume from time to time to have a little fun.