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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Dear Blogger....

...*written during a time of complete frustration last week and completely suitable for publication somewhere, but maybe not quite here on blogspot itself*

Dear Blogger,

I understand that you're having some growing pains, and puberty is never easy to go through for anyone. You have all those hormones, and little things growing out in spots that didn't have things growing in them before, and aches and pains are everywhere. As a result you're being a right pain in the ass for all those who are around you and love you.

Like me. I've loved you and supported you and stood up for you for almost 3 years now. And *this* is how I'm treated? Like garbage? You don't want to do a simple thing like let me share my opinions with the masses, do you? After so many years of faithfully posting my words to the world last week you decided to EAT. MY. WORK.

Yes, I know I was smart and saved my work in another file and it was only the final edits that I truly lost, but they were brilliant final edits. And I drafted the darn thing in a Microsoft program which is a massive risk in and of itself. I know your parent company hates those guys in Redmond, but that's no excuse to mistreat those of us who carefully craft our words to ensure that they are formatted and spelled correctly... or at least to our liking.

But the final insult is when you absolutely refuse to let me post what I have to say. How could you be so unyielding? LiveJournal would never do that to me. Typepad would let me post. Even MySpace is nicer than that... but Blogger, how could you?

I'm so crushed... but you could redeem yourself... just let me post this, and all will be well again. *presses the publish post button and hopes for the best*