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Monday, May 15, 2006
Ok... I've Had Enough

...Warning: I'm breaking my no politics vow for the following entry. And just a skosh on the religion ban too. If you don't like my politics or religion, then stop reading. Of course most of you don't even *KNOW* my politics or religion, so read at your own risk. You've been warned.

The President thinks his brother would be good for the job. What job you may ask? The Presidency. Yes, Dubya thinks that Jeb would make a good President of the United States. Trent Lott disagrees.

Brace yourself, readers. I agree with Mr. Lott. And I hardly ever agree with him. I don't think Jeb would be a good president at all. I have issues with him being a governor and what has happened in the state he governs during his terms, and I don't even live in his state. For the record, I think Florida is now the official State of Confusion. California readily handed that title over and won't fight for it anymore after your last couple of elections.

For the record, for those who aren't reading the article or don't want to, it's not just Dubya that thinks Jeb would make a good President. Daddy Bush thinks Jeb is capable of the job too. Oy. Sounds like the Bushes want to be the next Kennedy family. There's a couple of things wrong with that though...

The Kennedys were attractive people. And Catholic. The Bushes are not attractive individuals in my opinion and are very religiously conservative to the point that some Catholics are shaking thier heads and wondering what the world has come to when there are people more cracked than us.

Jeb? As President? After the 2000 election and the hurricanes, and a handful of other 'aw crap' sorts of moments in Florida government over the last few years someone is going to suggest Jeb for President? I bet Dubya just wants another chance to pull strings in the government.

Hey, if we want the Bush dynasty, why don't we put Neil up there for election. You remember Neil, right? Silverado S&L anyone? And some little software company called Ignite, which had some issues in the state of Florida to the tune of $20 million involving educational software. Florida, right... where Jeb is governor.

How about putting Marvin up for election? You don't know who Marvin is? No one talks about him. He's quiet and sits on the Board of Directors for several companies, one of which you can't really access much of the website for unless you have multiple passwords. They're a security company with lots of government contracts.

There's a Bush daughter - Dorothy. She's a quiet one - she's married to a wine lobbyist. Let's get her running the government and maybe there will be free merlot for everyone. That or there will be a new tax for buying bottles of wine.

Want more for the Bush political dynasty? Let's get the Bush's twin daughters involved - Jenna and Barbara. That could be lots of fun if they both manage to stay sane and sober while on the job. But we'd have to wait for them since you have to be at least 35 to be eligible to run for office. And they'd probably declare the official drink of the country to be Budweiser.

I know that I'm putting more opinion (and sarcastic pokes) in here than politics, but I don't agree with many of the moves that the Bush family have made in thier positions of power in the government. I'm sure that some of you would agree that there are reasons that make you raise your eyebrows at this suggestion too. I'm beginning to think that the judgement of the President is compromised by the fact that he's got what some believe to be ultimate power. And ultimate power is often the greatest ambrosia there can be for some. Suggesting that his own brother would make a great President while he is still sitting in the office and can influence an awful lot of people who will just follow a President blindly simply because he is sitting in the office is dangerous because some may just go ahead and vote for Jeb, should he run, on the basis of that suggestion alone...

...and could that be why he suggested it in the first place?