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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Sometimes Things Change...

...And people do too.

Recently a former co-worker found me still here after 7 years, while this individual has been gone for quite some time. We traded a few emails, and after a very embarassing schedule conflict on *my* part, we met for lunch.

The first comment I got was that I hadn't changed a bit, which definitely fluffed up the ego on my end. I had to do a double take when I looked at this person because, well, they have definitely changed.

He is no longer a he. Well, technically all the parts are still there, but they're being made over. You see the he that I knew is going through an MtF (male to female) transition. That's right - becoming a woman. The voice is there, although it started sounding a little rough near the end of our lunch. Yes, M, you started sounding like your old self while we were talking, but only a skosh. And thank you for forgiving me the pronoun slip.

Yes, he who used to be D is now becoming she who is M. But somehow, she's still the same old D. No, M, don't take that in a disheartening way - despite the physical changes, and some of the mental ones, you're still the same old D. Sort of.

You're the same but without the depression and the angst and all the other things that made you once upon a time an angry young man. And rapidly becoming a woman at that. And very happy for you I am indeed. Just don't complain to me when the estrogen makes you too weepy because you don't want to be on my cycle. I get bitchy *and* weepy every few cycles and it's not pretty when you're trying to rip someone apart with tears in your eyes.

I know that this is a departure from my normal observations about life in general but I wanted to share this astounding fact of life - that someone I know had the courage to do something very unusual, in a very unusual situation, and it's (so far) for the betterment of his psyche. Now you really want to boggle the mind folks? He's gay. Wait. Bi. M and the boyfriend have been together for 7 years, and there's a girlfriend involved too. Sort of. Another MtF is involved with M. And if I'm not mistaken, I think there's another boy involved with M's boyfriend. It's all very confusing, but they're very open and I think they're all happy with it.

That's all that matters, right? It's been an interesting head trip for me getting used to that, and I know M was just tickled when I did a short double take when my name was called softly in the parking lot where we met for lunch. And yeah, I stared. Very impolite of me, but necessary to take it all in. M won't be the most beautiful woman or an underwear model when it's all said and done, but she will be most handsome, and a beautiful soul will always show through.

And for those whose mouths are hanging open that I actually know someone like this, remember - I always said I was straight...

...but not narrow.