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Thursday, April 27, 2006
What Do I Want to Say Today...

...I really don't know. I didn't come prepared. So I guess I'll wing it. Hrm... maybe I'll talk about the various headlines and news stories I've come across lately... this might be interesting.

Let's see... Let's start with Tom Cruise. I've been the parent of a newborn twice, as has DH. Amazingly enough, we're the parents to the same children too. I don't think, even through the tired haze of happiness that I had, that either of us had that same energy and constant face-cracking smile that Cruise has had for the last few days.

He's ready to jump on a couch happy, I can feel it coming. Maybe this time he'll use a chaise lounge instead. Or a simple ottoman. Personally I'd like to see him jump on a barstool that isn't already braced for something like that. Could be fun.

No, I'm not begrudging him his happiness over the baby. I'm just suspicious because it's around 150 on the scale of 1 to 10. He's an actor, it could just be a show.

Then again, it could be the American Psychiatric Association slipping some drugs into his food without his knowledge. Now *that* could be fun.

Then there's Michelle Rodriguez of "LOST" fame, such as that is. She did stupid things like drinking and driving and has found herself with 5 days in a Hawaii jail because she didn't do something smart like one of her co-stars and plead guilty to it. Of course there is that little thing called already being on probation stateside for a similiar offense, so maybe pleading guilty wouldn't have been a good idea in the first place.

Either way, she's going to jail for a few days, and if they're successful in L.A. at revoking her probation there, then she'll spend another 16 months on top of *that* in jail. That would be a nice way of ruining her career, right? Wonder how they'll explain that off in "LOST" - either she dies, or vanishes for awhile as a result of 'The Others' taking her away somewhere.

After all, anything can happen on television, right?

Speaking of media, but not television this time, I found out my local newspaper has been sold yet again. About a year or so ago, Knight-Ridder decided to effectively put itself up for sale. After a year they finally were bought by McClatchy news service and great celebrating happened. And within 24 hours McClatchy put the Mercury News up for sale again.

It didn't take a year...some company out of Denver has bought the Merc. And they own at least 3 other papers in the Bay Area. Something called a 'cluster strategy'. Sounds like a disease when you think about it.

Speaking of diseases... or that which is called 'rap music' (same difference, right?) Snoop Dogg was arrested in London after a disturbance in a British Airways business lounge. A few members of his entourage were arrested as well. Apparently they're responsible for the 'disturbance'...

...but isn't that what rap stars and thier entourages do?