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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Dear Mr. Spammer

...It's time once again for an unusual favorite of some readers - Dear Mr. Spammer. This time Mr. Spammer is trying to give me some stock advice but he's a little too late... or maybe it was a joke...

Dear Mr. Spammer,

I wanted to thank you for your correspondance about my stock portfolio and how I could really clean up in the market if I take advantage of this amazing opportunity on an OTC stock that's out there. I don't usually pay attention to your discussions about OTC stock, since I've never really seen a penny stock that is worth the time and effort (or profit) but this one really caught my attention. And made me laugh. Hysterically.

You see, I already *own* this stock and have for several years. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I lost quite a bit of money on it since I bought it as ESPP and ISO's when I worked for that company back in the mid to late 90s. I've got close to 1000 shares of the company still and that's a pretty big exposure to have in one company. The symbol changed when Onsale merged with Egghead and I was already gone from the company. They shuttered the business a few months after that, and screwed a bunch of stockholders (so the stockholders claimed).

So, while I thank you for your concern about my portfolio, and really appreciate the tip, I can't bring myself to add more ONSL to the bottom line. Especially when I look at the stock and realize that if I *could* sell it to anyone, I'd barely have enough to buy my weekly venti hot chocolate at Starbucks. I'd still fall a few cents short to be able to get the caramel syrup added though.

But thanks for reminding me that I need to take the loss on my taxes this year.

-WG- *who really did get an OTC spam for a symbol that's no longer listed anywhere*