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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
What Happens in Vegas...

...sometimes gets published on the internet. Or at least that's the lesson that we learned from the last Vegas trip (for the TWBB Worldwide GTG in August 2004). This time so many interesting things happened that I don't think that I can put a rational timeline of events together, but I'm sure going to try, and it's going to be in random rambles mode.

Ready? Ok.

First off, when you finish packing at least 24 hours before you need to leave, that's the best time to make a list of all the other little things that aren't in the suitcase that you promise that you're going to remember to take with you. That way you're not constantly running up and down the stairs (because you brought your suitcase down the previous night) remembering more things that you forgot. Like a brush. And shampoo. And your glasses.

Or, as also evidenced in my case, dropping the kids off at school and instead of having DH drive me right to the airport, we go back to the house because I forgot my watch and realized that if I didn't have that it was going to drive me crazy the entire trip.

Which would mean that I was going to drive everyone around me crazy during the entire trip, never mind the fact that I would have my cell phone on my hip the entire time and that's a perfectly good timepiece when it's not active as a phone.

That and it's Vegas, who cares what time it is... well, apparently I do.

I was ahead of the game before the plane even started moving out of the gate to leave San Jose - 3 guys had hit on me. One in the security line, another in the A line at Southwest, and the last one was married (the other two didn't have wedding rings on, so perhaps I'm wrong) and he ended up being the one sitting next to me on the plane. Full flight, and I had an aisle seat, and I didn't want to give it up for something awful in the back of the plane.

There is such a thing as a free lunch. It's called eating at Margaritaville and having Casey as a waiter. Poor Casey. He's a bad joke teller, and therefore didn't earn but $1 from the pile of bills we put in the middle of the table for good jokes. He's got a slightly dogdey memory, as evidenced by the fact that he forgot to submit my grilled salmon order and when it did come it had mango salsa on it instead of island butter. And he didn't get us the balloon man (who did earn a $5 bill from the pile) until after we'd eaten. He struck the salmon from the bill, brought Suz an extra bit of Big Rita to put in her glass, and brought a birthday treat for her as well since we were celebrating her being '0'. Yes, zero.

Well, Zero is my Hero, so the song goes. And that's better than nothing. So yes, you can get a free dinner in Vegas if you're a good sport about things, and you don't even have to sleep with the waiter to get it.

Not that I would have.

I tried poking Suz, but she was happy and relaxed, so the "don't poke the crazy" wasn't in effect after a certain point. I'd poke her and she'd giggle. I was told to find a new crazy. I couldn't, so I poked the Mostly Harmless Ax Murderer (Darla) instead.

Yeah, I like living on the edge.

A & B left me SweetTarts and a note in my stitching bag - they told me to have fun, but to not get into too much trouble. But that if I did, could I bring them something.

For anyone who knows Shondratasha in person - if you think she's a flirt in Salt Lake, you should see her in Nashville. And if you saw her there, you ain't seen nothing. She's dangerous in Vegas, especially when wearing leopard print pants.

Shameless Flirt.

Much worshipping was done at the altar of Picture This Plus. And nothing at Blended Nee- oh, that's right, they don't like being called that. It's Heaven Lee Creations. Not that I have anything against the fabric, it's actually really gorgeous. But I did have a slight issue with the fact that they had a royal court in residence, with women walking around wearing tiaras, and when you asked for the story of why, you were presented with the fact that they have the Queen of Fabrics (the owner), the Queen Mum (owner's mother), a Duchess, a Royal Physician (who fixes everyone's problems), the MisCountess (because she restarts all her projects because she miscounts), and somewhere there was a Village Idiot.

That really turned me off. It wasn't the fabric. It was the attitude. Just my opinion folks, if you really like them, then more power to you.

Margaret had food poisoning. We blame the sour cream that she said didn't taste right from a Wendy's baked potato that they got somewhere in St. George. She was sick pretty much all weekend.

DH said it was a good thing that she wasn't sick all by herself - she had three good friends taking excellent care of her and mommying her.

Meeting TrekkerBeth was fun - she came up to me and asked if I was 'Ann'. I said yes, quietly and warily. Then she starts digging in her bag and says she has something for me. At this point I take a step back, which for anyone watching was probably hysterical. I got curious when she said I asked her to bring them, and when she handed me a box of Smarties I knew exactly who I was dealing with!

It was wonderful to meet her finally, even though it had a slightly auspicious beginning. Heee.

Someone has a new nickname on the Wagon, and they always wanted one, but they didn't want to ask me because they didn't want to be a nickname beggar and get stuck with something like that, and they mentioned it to Stasha, which was the wrong thing to do if you didn't want it pointed out to me very quickly and in your presence.

But it's taken care of now.

Found out on the flight home that Chicago *was* in town for a private show. Darn it, wish I'd known because I would have tried to crash that party.

And you think I'm kidding...

We ended every night with "Well, my phone didn't ring which means Kari is still pregnant."

As of this writing Kari is still pregnant...

...and she's really tired of being pregnant too, since she's officially overdue.

The stash list:
2 pieces of hand dyed fabric from Dinky Dyes
A skein of Aussie Jewels cotton - Dinky Dyes
2 Oops packs from Dinky Dyes
2 FQ's from Picture This Plus: DaVinci and Mercedes
Dragon Dreams - Proof! (Fantasy Faire 2006)
Mirabilia - Bliss Fairy & Mermaid of the Pearls (which is going on PTP Mercedes)
A beaded design kit from Stoney Creek - it's on perf paper, but I'm going to change it out to linen - probably something hand dyed in a nice blue...
I'm fairly certain that I got something else chart wise, but now I can't remember what I got (yes, I'm doing this from memory)

Who wasn't there: Fantasy Crafts, Dimples Designs (darn it, I was really looking forward to seeing Terry), Cross My Heart - yes *they* weren't there, and neither was Silver Lining. It's really sad to see so many designers not present, and not really being replaced with new ones.

Alas, no trip to Bob's Beaver Bag - that's because it was really Ray's Beaver Bag, and it wasn't on the Strip like we were told.

And before you start raising eyebrows, it's a gun shop.

Ok, *NOW* you can raise eyebrows.

There's really nothing like walking into an IHOP and finding out after you've ordered that you are in a smoke-free restaurant. Ah... I was in heaven for that one.

I slept with Suz. And Stasha. But I slept with Stasha twice, while Margaret was in the other bed. They both steal covers though.

Stasha flashed me... twice. No, that's not how I ended up in bed with her twice.

I'm sure there are so many more things that I'm forgetting and will probably mention later on, especially after Suz and Stasha and Margaret update thier blogs... and no, we're not sending you in circles again, although that was fun.

And thanks for keeping that evil plan a secret Bev...