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Monday, April 03, 2006
Random Rambles...

...It's time once again for those little bits of things that get stuck in my brain and aren't enough for a really good long post. And those questions that I want to ask, but don't know who to ask them of...

So, where *were* you when they were getting high?

...and this is what happens when Virgin Radio plays 'Champagne Supernova' just a little too often


I just heard about something that someone said about a situation that I can't go into detail about and what they said had to be one of the meanest and amoral things I have ever heard. If only the people who know this person knew what they said.... they wouldn't think highly of her at all. AT. ALL. It's not my place to share either, but geez, that was mean and inappropriate. And the person it was about was supposedly important to this person who said the Very. Bad. And. Evil. Thing.

Ew. That's just so wrong.

Rain, Rain... Oh, I give up. It *was* sunny and slightly warm for baseball on Saturday so the girls finally played the third game of the season. They won, 17-12. Oh, yeah, Thursday was the second game of the season and we played in the wind and the cold and some sprinkling rain. Won that one too, 17-4.

I was worried when they put B at second base. Just as I finished expressing that worry to another mom, she caught a lovely ball at second that managed to get someone out. YAY! She's turning out to be a pretty good ball player.

Speaking of baseball, today is opening day. Good thing that the Giants are playing in San Diego. The rain won't get there until later this evening. I'll probably tune into part of the game when I get home.

Recent surveys show that people don't like it when others talk loudly on their cell phones about personal stuff.

Um, duh? Do I really want to hear about your aunt Sally's colostomy bag when I'm in line at the supermarket? No, because I'm not involved in the conversation and it's TMI (too much information, for the acronym challenged). Now, if I could comment on it then it might be a different matter.

Well, I *could* comment, but it would be ruder than the whole talking personal stuff loudly on the cell phone thing.

Daylight Screwup Time is upon us again. I hate Daylight Screwup Time. But I can't put it any better than.... what she said.

Just 3 more sleeps and I'll be on a plane to Vegas. YAY! As long as it doesn't rain there, I'm good.